How do some people dislike cheese?

19 annoying sayings that only people who don't eat cheese know

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1. The saying "What, there are people who don't like cheese ?!" have you heard too often. © Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

What has a thumb and doesn't like cheese? I.

2. You had to ask "Are you lactose intolerant?" Answer 47,924 times in your life. © NBA TV / Via

No. I just don't like cheese.

3. And every time you order a pizza, you must always state "WITHOUT CHEESE". © Bright / Kauffman / Crane Productions / Via

In capital letters. Or you can call again right away. Or just take pizza bread.

4. Then there is always the shocked question: "You don't even eat cheese on the pizza ???" © Corymore Productions / Via


5. And yet everyone throws at you in horror: "It doesn't taste good!" © Blown Deadline Productions / Via

6. Thank you for asking, but it tastes delicious! © Aardman Animations / Via

Pizza without cheese = ZE BEST. No sticky mass that obscures the taste of all the other delicious ingredients.

7. "But cheese is THE BEST." you can no longer hear either. ©

Is not it. Point.

8. "But you're already putting parmesan on your pasta, aren't you?" © Children's Television Workshop / Via

9. "But lasagna is so delicious!" © NBCUniversal / Via

10. "And Käsespätzle? Feta? Mozzarella, right?" © Warner Bros. / Via

Nope. Nope. Nope.

11. Even if you say no to everything, you will still be asked regularly whether you would like to try it. © Heyday Films / Via


12. The nightmare: When you realize too late that there is cheese in your food. © Warner Bros. / Via

Even though you asked the waiter / vendor / your friends three times.

13. Even worse: when you have to pass a cheese counter. © Universal Pictures / Via

Much worse: cheese shops!

14. The advantage: Your fast food option usually has fewer calories than that of your cheese-dependent friends. ©

Not that you care, but you love to emphasize it.

15. Because your friends often make fun of you because of your dislike. © BBC / Via

"Let's make cheese fondue for New Year's Eve."




16. But since you still eat cream cheese, you always have to justify yourself. © BBC / Via

Cream cheese ≠ cheese.

17. That's why you can't hear the stupid "Then you won't eat cheesecake" joke either. © Eddie Murphy Productions / Via

Yes. Very funny. Bring the cake now!

18. But you still just continue to live a happy, cheese-free life. © Sky Sports / Via


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