What should a magician wear


wizard (in the original: wizard), earlier also as Sorcerer (in the original: warlock) are the male counterparts of witches in Joanne K. Rowling's magical world: Magical people who are born with magical powers and can live about twice as old as other non-magical people. The older wizards usually wear long, wide wizarding cloaks, in a wide variety of colors, which are by no means always muted. Some of them also have a pointed hat or a top hat. In the younger generation of wizards, more Muggle-like clothes are now in fashion - but with magical comfort and made of special materials such as dragon leather. The traditional magician clothes (magic capes and pointed hats) are still required as school clothes.

Like witches, wizards also understand themselves in the tradition of magicians known from mythology and history. From ancient times, wizards were revered and feared as druids, shamans and magicians. During the witch hunts in the Middle Ages, wizards in Europe were mainly persecuted for natural history and alchemical research.

Of course there are still very great and powerful wizards in the magical world, like Albus Dumbledore. Most magicians, however, do not hold any special positions.
They are also salespeople, pub keepers or bus conductors.
Nevertheless, the magic can be seen immediately in their everyday work: the seller of magical books occasionally has to experience that the ordered copies of the Monster book of monsters bite.
The bus conductor works in the driving knight: a bus for stranded witches and wizards that jumps back and forth to all the destinations that are given to it by its passengers.
There are also very special magical professions, such as the profession of curse breaker for the Gringotts wizard's bank, which is used to make treasures accessible.
Wizards and witches are not all clearly white magicians or black magicians, either. Some devote themselves entirely to the dark side like Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, others resist such sinister machinations and advocate tolerance in the magical society. But most of them do not take one side or the other.