How does coaching help with our preparation

Advantages & benefits of coaching

In accordance with the assumption that the coach acts as an external feedback provider, various studies show that coaches and customers often or very often use coaching to reflect on leadership behavior.

Typical starting conditions that can be better understood and addressed with the help of coaching measures are as follows:

1. Problems caused by organizational structures
E.g. Increase in sick leave, employee fluctuation, stagnation of performance and turnover, lack of innovation, too long product development times, faulty control systems (controlling, quality control), bureaucracy, excessive storage capacities, integration of new organizational members, changes of location.


2. Organizational development measures and preparation for new tasks and situations
For example, dealing with new roles, changing behavior in a flexible and lean organization, job cuts, promotions, transfers, preparation for retirement, creation of structures for training new employees, dealing with new competencies, learning certain skills, ISO certifications, etc. .


3. Discrepancies in organizational culture and leadership style
E.g. contradictions experienced by employees between aspiration and reality, introduction of a new value system in company takeovers or mergers, handling of the integration of new values, introduction / change of a management style, introduction of teamwork and cross-departmental projects, etc.


4. Structural change and changed framework conditions
E.g. change from a product to a service society, demographic changes in the age structure, company succession, international cutthroat competition, technological developments, increasing complexity, stagnating markets, overcapacities, critical consumers, exhausted resources, environmental protection, changes in traditional work structures, start-ups, etc.