Why are Daen so thin

Danish study surprised: Thin by sugar

But at least: "To our great surprise we found out that there are far fewer overweight people among people who regularly add sugar to their tea or coffee," said doctor Finn Gyntelberg from Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. "If a person puts two pieces of sugar in every five or six cups of tea or coffee they usually drink a day, the risk of gaining weight is 40 percent lower than without adding sugar," added Gyntelberg.

The health data of 5,200 men from Denmark were evaluated for the study. The long-term study looks at the relationships between obesity, alcohol and tobacco consumption and physical activity. The findings are "extremely interesting" because there have "never been any similar results anywhere," said Gyntelberg.

If the connection proves to be correct in follow-up examinations, "we should perhaps eat sugar cubes to lose weight," the doctor told the daily "Jyllands Posten". The effect can probably be explained by the fact that sugar, together with tea and coffee, stimulates the metabolism and reduces appetite. However, the present study is not yet sufficient to consider this connection as proven.