What is a CWR microprocessor

Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food

Keyword search:

Several terms are automatically linked. Word components are also searched for in the following data fields:

Project titles and descriptions (in German, English, French), funding codes, keywords and target countries.

The following examples illustrate some search strings that use full-text Boolean operators:

Wheat straw

Finds records that contain at least one of the two words.

+ Wheat + breeding

Finds records that contain both words.

Wheat + variety

Finds records that contain the word "Wheat" contain, but rates those records higher that also "Variety" contain.

+ Wheat barley

Finds records that contain the word "Wheat"but not the word "Barley" contain.


Finds records that contain words like "Wheat", "Wheat Flour", "Wheat Beer" or "Wheat cultivation" contain.

"Clover grass and grassland"

Finds records that match the exact phrase "Clover grass and grassland" contain. This would be about "Nitrogen cycles in grass clover and grassland", no but "Nitrogen cycles in grass clover or grassland".

Note that the (") quotation marks that surround the phrase are operator characters used to separate the phrase, they are not quotation marks that surround the search string itself.