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In the event of a burner malfunction, the heating remains off. The water is cold and there is no heat in the house. Usually this always happens at the worst time: on a really cold winter weekend. Since the emergency call from the nearest heating contractor is associated with high costs, many people first look for the cause of the burner malfunction themselves. In the following sections we explain when you can fix this yourself and when a specialist is absolutely necessary.

Recognize burner malfunction on the heater

The burner won't start and the heater stays cold? In this case, it is a disorder that you can recognize by various signs. Usually the warning lamp on the boiler lights up or the control display shows a burner fault. If both are not the case, you can check the function of the system with a simple test: Turn on the hot water in a wash basin for a short time. If there is no storage tank or the hot water storage tank is empty, the burner should start up quickly. This can be heard on the fan or the ignition, among other things.

Heating: burner is not in the fault condition

If the heating does not indicate a burner fault, you should first check the heating emergency switch. It is not uncommon for you or your guests to accidentally press the switch and turn off the heating. In addition, it is also possible that the system's fuse has popped out.

Check and raise the water level

Regardless of the type of heating, insufficient water pressure can be the cause of the burner malfunction. If the pressure drops below a value of 0.5 bar, the heating blocks the furnace in order to protect itself. You can identify the problem by looking at the system pressure gauge. The analog pressure display is usually located on or near the boiler. If the pressure is too low, you should refill the heating water.

Recognize and rectify faults on the oil burner

If the oil burner does not start, you can first press the reset button. If this solves your problem and the malfunction does not recur, no further action is required. Otherwise, you should continue searching for the cause.

Is the oil tank sufficiently full?

If the burner malfunction occurs in the oil heater, the first look goes to the tank. Is this filled enough? If there is only a little fuel oil in the fuel oil tank, the heater can suck in impurities and block them. The fuel supply is then interrupted and the oil burner malfunctions. If that is the cause, you should ask a specialist company for help. The experts clean the lines and, if necessary, also clean the oil tank.

Important to know: A specialist company is required to do a lot of work on tank systems and lines. You should therefore only commission "specialist companies according to water law" or "specialist companies according to AwSV (ordinance on systems for handling substances hazardous to water)".

Is the extraction valve on the oil tank open?

Often the cause can also be found in the extraction valve of the oil tank through which the liquid fuel reaches the heater. A closed valve interrupts the fuel supply and thus triggers a burner malfunction. The solution here is very simple: Open the valve and press the reset button.

Oil burner: Have the malfunction checked by a specialist

The burner does not start even though you have checked the points mentioned or components such as the flame tube are visibly damaged? In this case you should consult a heating engineer. The expert can read out the error or identify it through an on-site analysis. He carries out maintenance, cleans the burner or replaces defective components. Without experience and appropriate aids, this is often not possible for laypeople.

Burner malfunction on the gas heater

Do you have a gas-powered heating system and the burner is malfunctioning? In this case you can only control the fuel supply. Are the gas taps open? Does the level indicator in the liquid gas tank show more than five percent? Are other gas appliances working in the house?

While it is easy to open accidentally closed taps, empty gas tanks should be refueled quickly. If these problems are not the reason for the burner malfunction, first inform your gas supplier. If this confirms the proper operation of his system, only a heating contractor from your region can help.

Conclusion by Alexander Rosenkranz

The heating remains off in the event of a burner malfunction. Is the problem due to closed valves, an activated emergency switch or a lack of fuel? Then you can usually rectify the problem yourself. In all other cases, only an experienced heating engineer can help.

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