How do I re-saee a lawn

Sowing the lawn: This is how you get a dense lawn

Would you like to sow the lawn but don't know how? Don't worry, with our tips you will soon have a green carpet in your garden that is robust enough even for children playing and garden parties.

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Prepare the soil to sow lawn
Which lawn would you like?
How much lawn per square meter?
When do you start sowing the lawn?
Water well and sustainably
When can you mow the lawn for the first time?
When should you fertilize the lawn?
Can you sow lawns in autumn too?
Combine lawn with other plants
Another tip: How to re-sow individual spots in the lawn!

Sowing the lawn - what sounds so easy at first, has some crucial ones in practice Pointsthat need to be considered. Because not all lawn mixes are the same season makes a decisive contribution to success and the position of the sun in the garden also plays an important role. But one after anonther.

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Prepare the soil to sow lawn

If you want to re-create your lawn, you will need some work beforehand, as with turf. If there are still remnants of the old lawn, it must be carefully removed. One is ideal for this Tillerthat can often be borrowed from hardware stores. She lifts the old sod and loosens the soil several centimeters deep. It is also recommended for areas in new buildings, as heavy construction vehicles have often heavily compacted the soil in the future garden. Alternatively, you can use a Spade and muscle strength remove the old lawn and loosen the soil. However, that takes a lot of strength.

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