How can unpunctual people be retrained

Taco restaurant closes: the reason? The employees are unpunctual

A taco restaurant in Ohio closes and publicly pillories its employees. An unwise idea, as it turns out later.

Unpunctual employees are likely to be a nuisance to any employer. At some point it was enough for a franchisee of the restaurant chain "Taco Bell" in Fairlawn, Ohio, he pulled the rip cord and closed his shop until further notice.

Restaurant closes because employees are late

The owner even shares his anger very publicly with his customers. "The restaurant is closed until the staff at this store can show up for work on time! We would like to serve you again as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience," read a note on the door of the restaurant. The following was added in smaller font: "Please be patient with us until we have found the right team that can best serve our customers".

Owner apologizes

Pula Duhon Boss, who distributed the statement via Twitter, told Fox News that she initially found the sign funny, but later believed that "management has no right to talk about employees in public express ". Some Facebook users see it the same way. "I would not say that this is the best way to resolve this situation," one comment said. Others remark, "This is hilarious." In a further statement, a spokesman for the taco restaurant told Fox News: "The installation of this sign should not have happened, the team was retrained immediately. We can confirm that the restaurant was reopened within an hour and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. "

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