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The great bridal makeup guide

The dress fits, the hairstyle fits - and the make-up? Make-up artists Simone Zbinden and Doris Antenen reveal their tips, favorite products and the best addresses for bridal make-up so that your bridal make-up is a success.

More is more: The most important rules of bridal make-up

Your bridal make-up must be able to do one thing above all: it has to last a long time. Make-up artist Doris Antenen therefore swears by a perfect primer: «You should definitely work with basic products. This includes an eyeshadow base and a make-up primer so that the make-up stays in place. "

Because the wedding is a make-up state of exception, also what the make-up Colours Concerning: “Because you are photographed a lot, the bridal make-up should always be a little stronger than in everyday life. And the white dress swallows color again, ”says make-up artist Simone Zbinden.

Almost anything can be stronger: blush, eye make-up and lipstick. But many a bride has to get used to the extra color. “That scares a lot of women a little. You are unsure if I use more blush. But you don't see it in the photos. "

About Doris Antenen

As a little girl admired you the make-up artists who made up the artists at a Paris revue show. Doris Antenen has been holding the brushes in her own hands for 15 years. The make-up artist beautifies brides, models for photo shoots and for television, but also normal women who want a special make-up. At the same time, Doris Antenen passes on her many years of experience at the «Newcolorline» make-up school. She has been running the school since 2011, where she herself trained at the time.

About Simone Zbinden

bPerfect, the name says it all: Simone Zbinden fully lives out her tendency towards perfection and creativity as a passionate make-up artist. Since the beginning of 2009 Simone Zbinden has been working independently in the areas of fashion, beauty, photo and bridal make-up. To meet her requirements, she even mixes her own eyeshadow. Their product line includes 100 different colors. In 2013 she took over the park studio in Winterthur, where she works closely with photographer Urs Gerber. Simone Zbinden also offers workshops and training courses for private individuals and aspiring make-up artists.

How bridal makeup works well in photos

“Optical brighteners in the foundation are a total no-go. They just don't get along with flashlight. " says Antenen. Because bridal make-up suitable for photos must above all reflect light well. Optical brighteners, on the other hand, have a dreaded effect: they conjure up white spots on the bride's face. The meltdown for the wedding photos!

Anyone who treats themselves to particularly elegant make-up for a wedding is still not on the safe side. Optical brighteners can also be found in make-up products from more expensive brands. Doris Antenen therefore advises to ask a make-up artist whether the make-up is photo-suitable. As a layperson, it is unfortunately difficult to tell just by looking at the ingredients.

And after all, this can happen to even the most experienced flashlight faces. There is a considerable collection of red carpet beauties online who have stumbled upon this very stumbling block. But while a celebrity snapshot is quickly forgotten, you want to remember the big day with your wedding photos for a lifetime. So: It's better to ask the make-up artist or only use products that you are already familiar with.

Bridal make-up must-have: Waterproof make-up products

Unlike everyday make-up, it should Wedding makeup also endure a few tears of joy and the sweat of a danced party. That's why you can't do without good bridal make-up waterproof make-up products out. "Eyeliner and mascara should definitely be waterproof," says Antenen.

But the eyeshadow also has to hold up particularly well on the wedding day. You can do everything right with the makeup. Those who work with professional tools also get professional results. Antenen: “When it comes to eyeshadow, how it is applied is important. You can tell a huge difference whether it was simply spread over the lid with your finger or whether you worked properly with a brush. "

How the bridal make-up works according to your type

Is the make-up artist getting married or you? "Of course the bride has to be happy with the way she looks." This motto has top priority for Simone Zbinden. For them that means always advising, but never determining. “You always have to respond to the bride. There are make-up artists who don't like doing that at all. Hence the stereotype that brides are the toughest customers. But that's not true."

For the perfect bridal make-up, a good make-up artist therefore also wants to know how you use make-up in everyday life and what make-up you wear when you go out. Because then she will also find a type-appropriate make-up for her wedding. And what does that mean for the choice of color? «My philosophy is: everything is allowed. There are of course basic rules that you have to follow as a make-up artist, but I don't advise against certain colors. "

The best colors for bridal make-up

Zbinden also reveals one of these basic rules of bridal make-up: Blush and lip color should in one shade be held. "So, for example, not pink blush in combination with orange lips."

And what type are you which colors? “When it comes to colors, it depends on the age and type of the bride. Rose tones usually work well and I like to choose colors that look fresh, ”says Antenen. "But there is no standard make-up that suits all brides."

Zbinden advises brides to stay true to their type when it comes to wedding make-up. “If, for example, the bride never uses make-up in everyday life, then I recommend sticking to natural tones. In the case of eyeshadows, for example, this can be all shades of brown or a nice apricot for the rouge and lips.

When it comes to colors, in particular, it is important not to focus too much on a desired look. Some women come to the make-up appointment with the make-up artist with photos, says Zbinden. "But that's exactly like going to the hairdresser with a picture" It is often not possible to copy the look exactly. “Because the color of the eyes, the shape of the face and the shape of the lips are different for every woman. No bride is like the other. "

It is also important that the make-up colors match the dress and the bridal bouquet. That may sound banal, but: "If the bridal bouquet is really bright orange and the bride is wearing pink lipstick - then it is simply noticeable," says Zbinden.

How the bridal make-up lasts until 4 a.m.

How does a perfectly made-up make-up survive the whole wedding day?

"I work with HD Foundation from the USA," says Zbinden. "Because even at a wedding today you take high-resolution photos." High definition make-up is made to withstand high-resolution cameras and TV cameras. So it's also a good choice for brides: “Even when I put make-up on models for shoots, the make-up lasts. It takes many hours and the models are in the glaring light under strong lamps. And yet: it lasts. "

A setting powder is also decisive for the good hold of the bridal make-up. “I don't just apply the powder loosely, I also work it in with the help of powder pads. And transparent powder should always be used »explains Zbinden. Antenen also recommends brides have the clear powder and lipstick with them all day. In this way, something can always be helped against gloss and fading lip color.

To ensure that the make-up lasts well, you should pay attention to one more thing: no matter whether you are sweating or crying - never wipe with a tissue, just dab it off Then the make-up does not smear.

The best products for bridal makeup

And which products are suitable for bridal makeup? Expensive is not automatically better, both make-up artists are sure of that. “I don't know any brand of which all products are the best. One has good lipsticks, the other good eyeshadow, ”says Antenen. So try it out! When it comes to eye shadow, it is important to test how highly pigmented the product is, i.e. how much the color covers. Zbinden's tip: eyeshadow should not be tested with a finger but with a brush. Because a hand is always slightly greasy and so even the most unusable eyeshadow gives off color on the finger. The brush test, on the other hand, immediately shows how well pigmented the eye shadow actually is.

With powder you should pay attention to the consistency. The powder should not be granular but very fine and gentle.

But with which products do our make-up artists prefer to beautify brides? On the next page, they reveal their favorite products to us in the picture gallery!

Cover picture: Make-up: Simone Zbinden, Photo: Shermin T.

Highlights for bridal make-up

“Bridal make-up can of course be more glamorous than everyday make-up,” says Antenen and recommends working with highlights. "Not all over the face, of course, but by adding highlights with the help of glossy products."

When a bride wears a strapless dress or a nice cleavage, Zbinden also likes to use her “bridal powder”: “I use a beautiful powder that contains a very light glitter. Only brides get that with me! " she laughs.

See pictures bigger? Right this way!

Best bridal make-up: Make-up artists reveal their favorite products

You have to know: Make-up artists Doris Antenen and Simone Zbinden reveal their favorite products to us - from eyeshadow bases to lipstick.

Skin care for brides: Well groomed for the altar

Skin care is also a prerequisite for successful bridal make-up. These can hardly influence the make-up artists, but one piece of advice is worth gold: stay away from last-minute experiments! "You shouldn't try new things between make-up and a wedding!" says Zbinden and tells of unhappy brides who allowed themselves to be persuaded into new beauty treatments shortly before the wedding. In the worst case, they risk a rash on the wedding day. Then it means for the make-up artist: damage limitation. “I can cover redness with the complementary color. But of course I can't get rid of surveys entirely. "

Excessive sunbathing and excessive visits to the solarium shortly before the wedding are also not advisable. Because the appropriate color tones are determined during the make-up trial. Therefore, the bride's individual skin tone shouldn't change drastically until the wedding day.

Unfortunately, the desire to look particularly good for the big day sometimes backfires. Even with supposedly routine treatments. So it's better to take Antenen's advice to heart: «The skin should be well cared for in good time. Therefore, it is better to make an appointment with the beautician a week in advance. Yes, not the day before, so that you don't have to squeeze out a disfigured face from the pimple. "

How long does wedding makeup take?

Brides worry about many things. Make-up often comes very late. “Brides usually only think about a make-up artist at the end,” says Zbinden, and explains that she has to repeatedly cancel brides, since several inquiries for one day are not uncommon during the wedding season from May to September. Then she tries as best as possible to convey to colleagues whom she trusts. However, if you would like to book the make-up artist of your choice, Zbinden recommends making an appointment about six months before the wedding. Then a trial appointment is made, at which an individual make-up for the bride is found and agreed.

Everything is ready for the wedding day itself and the make-up artist knows how to make up the bride. Nevertheless, both make-up artists allow a good hour for make-up on the wedding day. «Something can always go wrong at a wedding », says Zbinden and talks about the many reasons that can make putting on makeup on the wedding day a long one. Sometimes the bride is so nervous that it is difficult for her to hold still for the makeup. And sometimes cackling aunts and cousins ​​distract you so much at the make-up appointment that they have to be politely but firmly expelled from the room. Sometimes that is also part of the make-up artist's job.

The bride is herself: doing wedding make-up herself

Some brides, on the other hand, are so relaxed that they trust their steady hand to do the bridal make-up themselves. Antenen recommends that brides who want to do their own make-up on their wedding day should try the make-up at least once beforehand, just as it is done at the trial appointment with the make-up artist. "Even then, special attention should be paid to the primer, because it has to fit," she emphasizes. When covering dark circles or imperfections, you should use the right one Color of the concealer respect, think highly of. The complementary color will give you the best results. "For example, you should use a concealer in an orange shade for bluish circles under the eyes" recommends Zbinden.

On your big day, do you only let a real professional do your bridal make-up? Here are recommendations for wedding make-up artists in Switzerland.


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