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What do adiabatic processes have to do with thermal updrafts in gliding? How does the theory of transient heat conduction help in the preparation of a crispy Sunday roast? And how can the function of a solar power plant in the Californian desert be analyzed using the term entropy? Thermodynamics is conveyed in this book with constant reference to practical applications from everyday life and technology. The understanding of thermodynamic relationships is supported right from the start - because the best way to learn is to apply what you have learned in authentic situations. As in the author's volume on mechanics, the high technical standards and the conceptual clarity of the presentation are maintained at all times. From the content: Biology and chemistry of cookingWater and steam - Cooking in a pressure cookerPhase transitions in nature - Steam, dew and fogThe ideal gas - Cornelis Drebbel's miracle apparatusFundamental concepts: Kinetic gas theoryThe first main clause - Thermodynamics of the ovenAdiabatic processes - Air pressure, thermal and cloudsThermodynamic cycle processes with heat pumpsFundamental concepts: Entropy as a state variableFundamental concepts: The second lawFundamental concepts: Microscopic interpretation of entropyPower plant processes - Electricity from the sunMechanisms of heat transfer - Wind chillInstationary heat conduction - The perfect breakfast egg
Rainer Müller, TU Braunschweig.
Comments on the first edition: "Can it be a pleasure to read a textbook on thermodynamics? (...) Rainer Müller has done that very well in his new book (...). This makes the book a highlight for learners and teachers It is very easy to read, some passages are so exciting that you do not want to put them down. "Elke Heinecke in: Physics of Our Time 2/2015" It is the best textbook on thermodynamics that I have ever read have - and I've already read a lot! (...) Rainer Müller masters the balancing act between physical accuracy in the argumentation and clarity of the selected examples in a way that I have never read before in a thermodynamics textbook. It just doesn't get any better! His textbook on mechanics is exceptionally well done, but with this textbook on thermodynamics he has outdone himself again. "Metin Tolan in: Physik Journal 10/2014" The book offers due to d he many pictures and the sometimes original applications an entertaining addition for those who want to learn to understand thermodynamics better intuitively. "Michael Pfitzner, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich
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