Is Nikki Haley a total bastard


Yes, things are a bit down to business here on different levels. On one level, the head of security Garibaldi is recreating a motorcycle, but of course it's not something that really wants to move forward quickly. It should be a 1992 Kawasaki. The exact model is now a little bit lost, but it is probably a pretty quick model, equipped with a rather outdated internal combustion engine. At the same time there is a lot of unrest on board, because two strange guys come on board. One of them is called Harriman Gray, and when she's not already conspicuous enough, his superior Ari Ben Zayn joins them, who is called Ben Hitler only a short time later by Garibaldi, whom he is allowed to recruit for his purposes, what does not seem to be a completely inaccurate designation. In any case, it is the case that little Harriman is the Psi Corps henchman Zayn wants to use against Commander Sinclair, ostensibly because the security of large parts of the intergalactic empire is in danger, but probably for other reasons. Susan Ivanova, of course, doesn't want the Psi Corps telepath Harriman to scan her at all, although Zayn announces that he wants everyone to be scanned in command to find out if nonsense is going on anywhere. The rumor that Mars is being terrorized by terrorists does not help to ease the situation. Sinclair is looking for a way to beat the increasingly suspicious Zayn, and he succeeds with the help of Zayn's henchman Harriman of all places. The fact that Ivanova, who has always had her difficulties with the Psi-Corps, gets out of the mess of being scanned at the same time is of course a pleasant side effect for everyone involved. But slowly dark clouds seem to be gathering over the whole planet, which are able to disturb the peaceful coexistence of aliens and humans. However, Garibaldi has a nice motorcycle afterwards, with the help of Minbari Lennier!