Why are the changes important

Why did you change your terms of use?

We are updating our terms of use and making them easier to understand. With these changes, we are responding to changing regulatory requirements and are continuing to work on simplifying communication with our users.

What are the main changes?

Please see the Summary of Changes above for a detailed listing of changes to our Terms of Use. Here you can see at a glance what impact this update will have on you:

  • Easier to read: The terms of use are still a legal document, but we have made every effort to make them more understandable overall. For example, we've added definitions and links to useful information.
  • Better communication: We make it clear in which cases we adapt our services - for example, when we add or remove a function - and in which cases we restrict or terminate a user's access. And we'll do more to notify you if a change should adversely affect your use of the Services.
  • Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive are now also subject to the Terms of Service: Our updated Terms of Service now also apply to Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, and Google Drive. Service-specific additional conditions and guidelines that explain the special features of these services also apply to these services.
  • No changes to our privacy policy: Nothing has changed in terms of Google's privacy policy and how your information is handled. As a reminder, you can check your privacy settings at any time in your Google Account and determine how your data may be used.

How will the updated Terms of Use affect my privacy and data?

Nothing changes in the way your data is handled. You can find out more about how we deal with data protection in our data protection declaration. As a reminder: You can check your data protection settings at any time in your Google account and manage your data and personalization.

Why are Google Drive, Google Chrome, and Google Chrome OS now covered by the Google Terms of Service? What does this mean for me when I use these products?

Nothing changes in the way your data is handled in Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive. With the updated Terms of Use going into effect, your use of these products will be subject to the updated Terms of Use and the service-specific additional terms and guidelines. This makes it clearer that the general terms of use apply to most Google services in addition to the service-specific additional conditions and guidelines for certain products (e.g. for Google Drive, Google Chrome and Chrome OS). Our data protection declarations remain unchanged. Google's data protection declaration continues to apply to all data that we collect in the respective products, including in Google Chrome and Chrome OS (as explained in the Google Chrome data protection information) as well as in Google Drive.

Does this have anything to do with the EU copyright directive or the GDPR?

No. These changes have nothing to do with the EU Copyright Directive or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What if I don't accept the updated Terms of Use?

If you do not agree to the new terms of use, you should delete your content. The services can then no longer be used. You can end your usage relationship with us at any time by deleting your Google account.