How people pee in weightlessness

Space medicine : The astronaut has a hard time - with weightlessness

Gravity on the earth affects the distribution of water in our body: more in the legs, less in the head and upper body. Under the conditions of weightlessness in space, on the other hand, the Legs thinner, the mucous membranes in the head and neck swell a little, which has a negative effect on the perception of smell and taste. Because the spine is no longer compressed without gravity, astronauts even grow a little in space - up to two centimeters. The Muscles and bones lose masswhich causes great problems with weakness and fragility after returning to earth. The astronauts act on this with a special daily Strength training opposite. Nevertheless, the returnees from the ISS initially feel extremely weak and have to get used to the force of gravity on Earth again over several days.

In addition to these physical problems, there are also some things to consider outside of the body. For example, daily activities must not release any liquid that would otherwise fly around the ISS and cause damage. You wash with wet wipes, take a shower with a special shower head that sucks up the water again immediately a vacuum hose to urinate with funnel and buckle up to seal on the toilet.

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