What does Roemer 6

Romans 6
Hope for all

The new life

6 What does this mean for us now? Should we continue to sin so that God has the opportunity to show us His grace in all its greatness? Of course not! As Christians, we are dead to sin. How could we live with it any longer? You know what happened when we were baptized: we were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and thus also have a share in his death. So through baptism we died and buried with Christ. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory and power of his Father, so we too have received a new life and are now to act according to this new life.

For as we shared his death with him, so we also share in his resurrection.[a]Ultimately, it's about that: Our previous life ended with Christ on the cross. Our sin-ruled nature is thus destroyed, and we no longer have to serve sin. For whoever has died can no longer be ruled by sin.

But if we died with Christ, then we will also live with him - we are convinced of that. We know that Christ was raised from the dead and will never die again. Death no longer has any power over him. 10 With his death Christ settled once and for all what sin could claim.[b] But now he lives and he lives for God. 11 This also applies to you, and you have to hold on to it: You are dead to sin and now live for God, who through Jesus Christ gave you new life.

12 Make sure that your perishable body is not ruled by sin and that you do not give in to its desires. 13 Nothing, not a single part of your body, should you make available to sin as a tool for injustice. Rather, serve God with all that you are and have. As people who were dead without Christ, but who received new life through him, you should now be tools in God's hand so that he can work for his goals. 14 Sin has lost its power over you. Because you are no longer bound by the law, but you live by the grace of God.

Liberated to serve God

15 Does that mean that we can sin without hesitation because God's grace is for us and we no longer need to fear the judgment of the law?

Of course not! 16 Do you not know that you must obey the Lord to whom you are committed? And that means: either you choose to sin and will die, or you listen to God and he will accept you.

17 But thank god! You are no longer helplessly at the mercy of sin, but you listen with all your heart to what you have been taught and what is now determining your life. 18 For you are set free from the dominion of sin; you can serve God now and do what He pleases.

19 Because it is so difficult for you to understand this, I want to make it clear to you using a well-known example, slave service: In the past, you served immorality and injustice like slaves. So your life was a complete contradiction to God's will. But now you are to serve God unreservedly; live as he pleases and show in this way that you belong to him! 20 As slaves of sin, you were free, but only from good. 21 And what was the result? At the thought of it you can only be ashamed today, because it would have brought you nothing but death.

22 But now you are free from sin and serve God with all your life. The result is: you belong to him and do what he pleases, and finally he gives you eternal life.

23 The wages sin pays is death. But God gives us eternal life in communion with Jesus Christ our Lord.