What is the purpose of wudu

  • Fatwâ date: 3-4-2017
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How is the Sunnah prayer performed, because of which the Messenger of Allaah (may Allaah honor him and give him welfare) heard the sound of the shoes of Bilal (may Allaah be pleased with him) in Paradise? When offered in the mosque, is this prayer a substitute for the prayer to greet the mosque? And is it done at times when the voluntary prayers are reprehensible, or can it be done later? May Allaah reward you well!


Praise be to Allaah and may Allaah honor and prosper His Messenger and his family and companions!


And now to the question:


It is from Al-Buchari and Muslim in their respective collections of authentic hadeeth, according to a statement by Abû Huraira  may Allah be pleased with him Narrated that the Prophet (may Allah honor him and give him well-being) said to Bilâl after the morning prayer: "Tell me about your best work in Islam, because I heard the sound of your shoes in paradise! " He replied, “I have done no better work than always praying as Allah wills after doing wudu in any hour of the day or night.


This prayer is called Sunna Al-Wudû (voluntary prayer after ablution) and is not tied to a specific number or recitation. The Muslim is allowed to pray as much as he wants. This prayer is considered to be a greeting to the mosque for whoever enters the mosque because it accomplishes the purpose. It can also be performed at the time when the performing of voluntary prayers is reprehensible, because it is a prayer that is connected with a cause.


þAnd Allah knows best!

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