How to paint wooden kitchen cabinets

Real wood kitchens

What is a real wood kitchen?

"Real wood kitchens" is basically one Generic term for wooden kitchens in general, which shows that the kitchen is made entirely from wood-based materials and not from other materials.

Wooden kitchens are often advertised with the addition of "real", for example as "real oak kitchen" or "real oak kitchen". The aim is to convey positive emotions and the impression of naturalness and to make it clear that you are dealing with a Kitchen made of real wood and not just with an oak look has to do. This can also be a kitchen made of solid wood, but it is usually one Kitchen with real wood veneer and a normal body made of MDF or chipboard. That's why some call them "Veneer kitchen".

For this purpose, a thin layer of wood with a thickness of around 1 mm is glued onto carrier materials such as MDF or chipboard. The term "Real wood veneer" refers to very thin (approx. 0.5 to 8 mm thick) wooden boards that are obtained from various types of wood. The logs are removed layer by layer: In a professional way, it is “peeled” or “sliced”.

Even with the partially solid front veneer is used. With this real wood front, however, only the filling is veneered, while the frames of the kitchen fronts are made of solid wood.

What is the difference between real wood kitchens and solid wood kitchens?

Solid wood kitchens, on the other hand, are not veneered and are made almost entirely from one type of wood. A more unambiguous name for solid oak would be, for example, “solid oak”. According to DIN 68871, the word “massive” should only be used for solid wood or solid wood kitchens.

The following applies to all real wood kitchens: Real wood veneer can be recognized by the veneer seal. Thanks to the seal, real wood kitchens can be easily distinguished from kitchens with plastic fronts or other wood imitations.