How can I prepare for the GATE exam

Exam preparation

To prepare for the state compulsory subject examination, the Faculty of Law offers an examination course, an examination course, an examination clinic, examinations to prepare for the presentation in the oral examination and other events.

Exam course

Conception: In the exam course, the material is generally repeated and deepened together in the form of discussing cases. The aim of the course is to practice the case-solving technique, to draw attention to disputes and to raise awareness of the problem. The level of difficulty is based on the requirements of the written exams and the oral exam in the state compulsory subject examination. Working through the cases in dialogue offers the opportunity to practice the free speech required for the oral exam and to discuss legal problems.

Procedure: The exam course is divided into two semesters and begins in the summer semester. However, it is possible to start in the winter semester. Registration is not required.

In the summer semester:In the winter semester:
  • BGB AT and law of obligations with procedural references 3 SWS
  • Commercial and company law 1 SWS
  • Criminal Law (General Part) 3 hours per week
  • State organization law and constitutional procedural law 2 SWS
  • Administrative law (general part) and administrative procedural law 2 SWS
  • Property law with procedural references 3 SWS
  • Labor law 1 SWS
  • Family and inheritance law 1 SWS
  • Criminal Law (Special Part and Law of Criminal Procedure) 3 hours per week
  • Constitutional law (basic rights) with constitutional procedural law 2 SWS
  • Administrative law (special part) as well as European law 2 SWS

In some cases, additional events are also offered. The complete dates and lecturers can be found in the course catalog in PULS.

Exam course

The written exam course offers the opportunity to test the readiness for exams in criminal law, civil law and public law and to practice writing exams. The exams are discussed as soon as possible and corrected and returned later. During the lecture period, exams are usually offered on Fridays and Saturdays. During the lecture-free period, the exam course is offered as a block course within two weeks and thus offers the possibility of a written test exam.

Weekly overview of the exam course in the summer semester 2021

ATTENTION: Due to the corona pandemic, the exams will be returned via Moodle!

There has been a change in responsibilities with regard to the organization and coordination of the ExKK. Your contact person in these matters is now Ms. Jenissa Terzic. If you have any questions, you can reach them at the email address: terzicuni-potsdamde

Exam clinic

The retreat clinic is used for targeted and individual practice of the legal tools that are indispensable for the writing of a legal opinion. The offer is an independent pillar of the university exam preparation and is aimed at all students, regardless of the other type of exam preparation. As part of this project, exams are offered for student tandems, which are first solved independently over five hours and then corrected in two stages; first in the context of a peer review by the respective tandem partner, then again by the lecturer, before a final individual meeting takes place. The offer is currently only available digitally (handwritten exams are scanned and discussed via zoom). It is necessary to book an appointment in advance. You can find more information about the procedure of the exam clinic as well as the registration mode here.

Examination course | Current

Dear students,

A Moodle course ("") is now available for you to accompany the exam course:

Here you will find the cover sheet and the facts about the respective exams.

You can write the exams at home. A face-to-face event will not take place for the time being. The exams are designed for a processing time of 5 hours. Please scan your draft including the cover sheet and send it as a PDF to [email protected] For a correction, your solution must be received by 9:00 a.m. on the following Monday. Please clearly name your file according to the following pattern: Legal area and number of the exam - surname, first name - matriculation number, e.g. "ZR I Mustermann, Max, 123456".

The professors responsible for each exam decide individually whether the solutions and discussion materials for the individual exams can be published in the course.

Examinations to prepare for the presentation in the oral exam

The exam repeats classic decisions and deals with current jurisprudence through simulated examination interviews, as they are held in the state compulsory subject examination. In addition, it prepares for the short lecture by giving the opportunity to give one voluntarily, which is then analyzed for demonstration purposes. The exam has been held regularly (under civil law) for over ten years and its content is constantly being adapted to new examination formats and requirements.

Further events to prepare for the state compulsory subject examination

To prepare for the state compulsory subject examination, members of the faculty offer events at regular intervals in which the students are made aware of new and exam-relevant court decisions. Information on this can be found on the website.