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The most important words for a trip to Canada

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Canada is a country that is officially bilingual. However, this does not mean that all residents speak English and French. Even if most French speakers speak English, the other way round is seldom the case. You should adapt yourself as the region you are visiting on your trip to Canada.

A different French

One must distinguish the French of France and the French of Quebec. While they both speak the same language, you'll quickly find that the French spoken in Qu├ębec is slightly different. The colloquial term for shoes is not tongs, but gougounes. For drink one does not say boisson, but breuvage. For boyfriend / girlfriend you don't say copain / copine, but mon chum / ma blonde. One does not say voiture for car, but char. You don't park on a parking lot, but on a stationnement. The list is long, very long! Don't worry, if you use French expressions, Quebecers will understand you anyway. You have to adapt to understand them. If you can master some dialect, you will likely recognize expressions Quebecers use regularly. No wonder, after all, Quebec French emerged from French.

English speaking Canada

If you speak some English and your Canada trip takes you to the English-speaking area, you'll just learn the basics. Canadians are generally tolerant people and will adapt to your level. Remember to have a small dictionary with you so that you can communicate with English speakers. Before you leave, brush up on your Englishby watching American movies, the accent is more similar than the British one.

Basic idioms / common expressions

Good day good eveningGood morning / good evening
How are you?How are you ?
Good thanks and you?Fine, thank you, and you?
I understand / I don't understandI understand / I don't understand
Good dayWelcome
Many ThanksThank you very much)
Excuse me pleaseExcuse me / Please
My name is...My name is ...
no thanksNo thanks
Yes NoYes / No
Here you goIt's nothing / you're welcome

Trade / Buy

How much does it cost?How much is it?
That is a good priceIt's very cheap
It is too expensiveIt's too expensive
Can you bring the price down?Could you lower the price?
I would like to buy thisI would like to buy ... this, that one!
I like it / I don't like itI love / I hate
Just browsing.I'm just looking

Mode of Transport

I want to go to ...I would like to go to ...
taxiTaxi / cab
I want to rent a ...I would like to rent ...


Where is ...? / How do I get to / to ...?Where is ...? / How do I get to ...?
railway stationtrain station
City centerDowntown
Is it far?Is it close / far away?
straightStraight ahead
Left RightLeft / Right
North South West EastNorth / South / East / West


one two three four five six seven eight nine tenOne, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtytwenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty
seventy, eighty, ninetyseventy, eighty, ninety
Hundredone hundred

Times / date and days

What time is it?What time is it?
Today (tomorrow / noon / evening)Today (morning / noon / evening)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
I'm on vacation hereI'm here on vacation / I'm traveling
I am here to workI'm here for work / for business

To table!

I'm hungry / I'm thirstyI'm hungry / I'm thirsty
Good AppetiteEnjoy (your meal)
Bottom up!Cheers!
It was great!It was delicious!
What do you recommend?What do you recommend?
I'm vegetarianI'm a vegetarian
Not sharp! (I don't like it spicy)Not spicy! (I don't like spicy food)
It is too hot!It's too hot!
I have an allergyI'm allergic
I take / I would like to haveI would like ...
Tea / coffeeTea / coffee
Beer WineBeer / wine
The Bill pleaseI would like the bill please

Health / Emergency / Safety

I have to see a doctorI need to see a doctor.
Call a doctor / ambulanceCall a doctor / an ambulance
Where is the hospital?Where is the hospital?
I do not feel goodI don't feel well
I am in pain hereI have a pain here
Where are the restrooms?Where is the bathroom?
I've lost my wayI'm lost


Good day !Have a good day!
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