Where did Columbus land


Christoph Columbus is now considered the discoverer of America. It was not known until much later that the Vikings had landed on the American continent before him. Columbus himself believed all his life that he had found the sea route to India. He never knew that he had discovered a new continent.

Columbus wanted the western one Sea route to India Find. That is why he set out from the south coast of Spain in the summer of 1492. The Spanish kings Isabella and Ferdinand supported Columbus because they had an interest in making the spice trade with India faster and easier. They also wanted to get ahead of Portugal. They made three ships available to Columbus: the Santa Maria, the NiƱa, and the Pinta. After a stay in the Canary Islands, the three ships sailed westwards under Columbus' supervision.

Land in sight!

After several weeks, land finally came into view. Columbus and his men landed in the Bahamas, as we know today. The island on which he went ashore was called Guanahani by the indigenous people. Columbus baptized her out of gratitude for the successful trip San Salvador, the "Savior". He named the natives Indians. Because he believed he was in India. Although he made three more journeys - in 1493, 1498 and 1502 - he never found out himself what discovery he had made. He kept coming back to the islands of the Greater Antilles.

With Columbus' discovery began the exploration of America by the Europeans. The date 1492 is still considered to be a significant turning point in human history. Sometimes it is also referred to as the beginning of the modern age. It was also the beginning of the colonization of America by the Spaniards.

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