Why are most of the sounds in movies fake?

Absurd sounds from the sound archiveSo sounds it, if a Corpse three Times on the ground falls

Radio can be heard, of course. You hear a lot of talk, music - and sometimes noise. There is...

  • Real sounds that a reporter recorded himself (which is often very difficult because so many things just sound very boring, such as the water pumps in a rather interesting power plant or a bulldozer that only makes a monotonous hum).
  • Real sounds made especially for the recording.
  • Fake noises that sound like something else if you say beforehand what they should sound like. Walking over a certain gravel sounds like snow. And try it yourself: Pull up your nose quickly and think of pulling a curtain (such an old curtain - not such a curtain rod from Ikea).

No chance without a description

Either way: Many of the noises that we use on the radio for radio plays, for example, come from a large sound archive. And if you take a closer look around it, as Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Alexander Oehme did, you will discover noises there that cannot necessarily be recognized precisely without a description.

Or can you tell the difference between a corpse falling to the ground and a living body? Or the sound of the rudder on an Upper Bavarian lake from one in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

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