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of .: skene = Hut, tent; the skene In the Greek theater there was a wooden hut built on the edge of the orchestra, on the roof of which mainly gods took place

(1) The scene or the Appearance is a rehearsal-related section of a play. The division into acts or elevators, which results from the logic of the action, and the division into images (tableaux), which is explained by the changes in decoration. With more modern pieces since the 20th century, these three criteria of subdivision sometimes get mixed up.

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(2) scene is also synonymous with stage used, e.g. B. in the phrase "transformation in the open scene". What is meant is the stage that the audience can see, that is, the “stage of the game”.

(3) A scene is part of a film that is usually made in the script. Compared to the sequencewhose formal independence often results from assembly forms (as with the comparison and parallel assembly), is referred to by the term scene the continuity of the observed action, a unit of interaction, communication or action that is often reminiscent of the situation in everyday life or the theater scene. According to the traditional rules of dramaturgy, a scene begins when the person constellation on the stage changes (Entrer en scene - a person is added; sortir de scene - a person leaves). It is the connection of time, place and characters that is something like that scenic unit Let emerge, a totality of the actions of the actors, which enjoys relative autonomy in relation to the environment. Change of scene is the clearest indicator of scene boundaries. In an action scene, the depicted time and depiction time ideally coincide; On the other hand, there is almost always a time jump between scenes, which is further accentuated by a change in the plot. Modally independent scenes (such as dreams, fantasies, some memories.) Play a special role.

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