What irritates just thinking about it


Dear Community,

Nice to have you here! We look forward to an interesting exchange with you.

Here are some tips and information about this offer: Please do not reveal any personal information in the channel. The network never forgets and nobody knows which hands will end up with published data. The social media team reserves the right to delete personal data on the site for your protection.

  • Please only upload content to the channel for which you have the rights. For example, if you want to publish a photo of a friend, both the friend and the photographer must have given their consent.
  • Let's work together to create a channel with exciting, diverse and enriching content for the entire community. So please do not be irritated if the social media team concludes expansive discussions that only go around in circles in order to create space for new content.
  • It is clear that certain content in the channel has no place and is therefore deleted by the social media team. This includes in particular racist and xenophobic content, pornographic as well as right-wing and left-wing radical content. The social media team reserves the right to delete other offensive content, such as insults.
  • Advertising and obviously meaningless content (for example incoherent sentences without a level of content) are also deleted. The LVR expressly distances itself from advertising that is played in the channel by the provider of the platform.
  • To avoid misunderstandings: The social media team does not quality control content published by the community. Content is only deleted in the event of obvious violations of legal regulations or netiquette. In the event of suspected violations, the facts will be researched if possible or the content will be deleted directly.
  • Finally for each and every one of us: Let us remember that there is always a person at the other end of the network. We should only write what we can say in good conscience to someone sitting across from us.

But now: enough of the regulations - the internet is waiting!

Your social media team