What should you give away on Diwali 2017

Happy Diwali!

This year we're looking at other cultures outside the box. Now that the pre-Christmas season begins here and the Christian holidays are approaching, we have become curious about what is celebrated in other cultures. On this occasion we take a look at India. Strictly speaking, not just to India. But read for yourself:


Celebrate Diwali!

The Diwali festival is almost over. We manage just in time to wish everyone who is celebrating this special festival a happy Diwali. The Festival of Lights is celebrated from India via Mauritius, Nepal, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago - on the northern hemisphere in autumn and in the southern hemisphere in spring. In our calendar, Diwali is always celebrated from mid-October to mid-November. But what is this Hindu festival about? What exactly is being celebrated?

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The festival of lights

The word Diwali comes from Sanskrit and means "chain of lights". On this day everything is spruced up. Your own apartment, house and even in the office will all be given a glossy finish. Because at Diwali the pure, the good and the light are to be worshiped. But not only your surroundings should shine. You should shine too, in a new look! This happiest of all holidays is used to change clothes, fan as many lights as possible and dance right down to the dolls.

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Happy shopping season!

The Diwali holiday is used to give rich gifts to relatives and friends. A tradition is to give away clothes. So the best friend gets a chic shirt, the sister a pretty skirt and the mom a charming accessory. So Diwali is the occasion for a shopping tour. We won't be told twice. That is reason enough to join in the celebration!

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Happy Diwali to you!

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