What are vegan's favorite foods

What is your favorite vegan food?

I keep seeing vegan food with meat names.

So for example:

  • vegan chicken
  • vegan sausage
  • vegan minced meat

Why is that? It's confusing because it's hard to tell apart.

There are even "vegan grilled chicken" to buy! Sorry, but chicken means chicken, it is an animal and can never be vegan. The "vegan" prefix does not make a misnomer right.

Is there any wood-free beech firewood, plastic-free PET bottles or dry liquid washing gel?

Why do you name something after something else that it is not and that you absolutely want to avoid?!?

Is there anywhere to buy meat-containing peppers, sausage-containing carrots or pineapples made from cheese?

Former Food and Agriculture Minister Schmidt found this just as confusing.

Why not just name it for what it is, e.g. "seasoned tofu patty " or just according to what is actually in it?

Or from me still "Chicken Flavored Tofu".

Vegan food also looks similar to normal meat:

  • vegan burgers
  • vegan sausages

But why not choose your own form and instead adapt the form of the hated food?

Why not just invent your own dishes such as "Prince's stew with ginger, carrot and tofu", "Mediterranean platter" or "Ulmer Allerlei guaranteed vegan"?

Everything sounds better, more sensible and clearer than using a name of a product, components that are not included and that I consciously want to avoid.

Fertilized vegans are called by names like "vegan meat" maybe deterred.

Or do you want to mislead people who accidentally buy it and don't notice it at first?