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Radio broadcast

The DWD broadcasts sea weather reports, warnings and weather reports at fixed times via long and short wave several times a day via its transmitter in Pinneberg. In addition to these text reports, various weather maps are also sent out via shortwave.

The radio broadcast of the weather radio transmitter in Pinneberg (approx. 20 km northwest of Hamburg) takes place in radio telex (F1B) and weather maps (facsimile F1C) in the long and short wave range on fixed frequencies around the clock.

The weather station has several shortwave transmitters for the transmission of weather data and maps with transmission powers between 1 kW and 20 kW. A 20 kW long-wave transmitter in full transistor technology for radio telex (F1B) also takes over the supply of the near field area (approx. 3000 km radius)

The entire transmitter system was technically brought up to date in 1998/99. The 65 year old 4 lattice masts and the associated long wave antenna were replaced by a 20 kW antenna and two 99 m high lattice masts.


Important NOTE :
The broadcasts of meteorological information by the German Meteorological Service via its RTTY transmitters DDH7, DDK2, DDK9 as well as DDH8, DDH9 and DDH47 serve exclusively the safety of shipping within the framework of the international SOLAS agreement. Any passing on or any other use, especially commercial use, is not permitted.

Broadcasting schedules of the Pinneberg station
Here you will find, among other things, the current broadcast schedules and information from the German Weather Service for radio broadcasts (DDH and DDK) via the transmitter in Pinneberg.