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Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki(say: Narūto, pronounce the "u" silently) is the main character of the series.
Shortly after his birth, the Kyuubi, a huge, nine-tailed fox demon, was sealed in his body, which is why the adult villagers fear and avoid him. Naruto's greatest dream is to be recognized and respected by all residents of his village and to become a Hokage[14]. In the end he succeeds and he succeeds Kakashis as Nanadaime Hokage. After passing the final exam of the Ninja Academy after several unsuccessful attempts, he becomes a student of JoninsKakashi Hatake. At first Naruto is clumsy and a bit dumb, but when it comes to his friends, the fighting spirit and strength of Kyuubi awakens in him. Because of the kyuubi, Naruto is on the heels of many enemies who want to use its chakra for their own purposes.


As a child

At a young age, during his academy time, Naruto wore a variety of simple clothes. Sometimes a black T-shirt on which the vortex of the Uzumaki clan can be seen, sometimes a sleeveless top in the typical orange color. From a certain point on he became enthusiastic about green aviator glasses, which he wore from then on and which Konohamaru and his friends imitated. Even as a child, his hair stood out on all sides and he already had his whiskers.

As a genin

From the age of twelve, Naruto proudly wore a blue Konoha ninja headband instead of the green aviator goggles. He is now wearing an orange jacket with a white collar and a red swirl on his back - the symbol of the Uzumaki clan. The trousers are also orange to match the jacket, so this color has a general impact on him. This has also happened during Naruto Shippuuden not changed. With the now black headband and the pants, which leave a little leg free, Naruto should now look more grown up. Its appearance is now also more mature due to some other components. In addition, according to Sakura and the writings of Sha, he has grown quite a bit. After his return from Myoubokuzan, he wears a dark red and black coat over his clothes, which is very similar to that of Yondaime Hokage.


The Last

At 19, Naruto's hair is much shorter and he wears a long black top with a decidedly casual cut. With the orange trousers, he is still true to his signal color. He wears a red, conspicuous band on his left arm. As usual at this time, his feet are also in black boots. In his spare time, however, his outfit consists of a sporty, casual, orange jacket and a kind of black training pants. His right arm is bandaged from fighting Sasuke.

As an adult

13 years after the end of the manga, Naruto is in the office of the Hokage, which is why he sometimes wears the coat and hat of the Hokage. Even after all these years, the color orange still characterizes it. To The Last however, he has let his hair grow back and looks more like the boy he once was. Nevertheless, his entire appearance now seems more mature and grown up.


Naruto is probably the most ambitious character of all, as no goal is set too far and no hurdle seems too high. Basically, Naruto is a good-hearted boy, but since he always says openly what he thinks, he often offends people with it. Naruto's IQ is not very high. He doesn't really understand many processes and facts, strategic decisions in a larger context, for example. But his fighting style is all the more clever: it was not for nothing that Kakashi gave him the nickname "the surprise ninja no. 1". Naruto comes up with particularly clever tricks in some fights. Even if they are based only on simple jutsus or trains of thought, it surprises even more his mostly very experienced opponents who would never have expected such simple tricks.
But Naruto's most important quality is probably never to give up and never to step back from his word: he will never break a promise, he says of himself.


Since Naruto could remember he was alone. He never heard of his parents and grew up alone. Naruto's father, Minato Namikaze[9], died fighting the Kyuubi after using Shiki Fuujin. His mother, Kushina Uzumaki, died when Minato sealed her up in Naruto so that one day she could see her son again.
When Naruto was a baby, his father, the Yondaime Hokage, sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto, whereupon the villagers feared and avoided Naruto. However, this should remain a secret so as not to raise big questions and problems in Konoha. Naruto, unable to explain why he was disfellowshipped, went out of his way to get attention: initially by doing nonsense for which he was repeatedly punished; later, by setting himself the ambitious goal of becoming a Hokage in order to finally get attention and respect.


Relationship with Sakura

At first, Naruto was an idiot to Sakura who just got on her nerves. But today she put off those insults against Naruto, realizing that Naruto is getting stronger and stronger and more and more deserving of her respect. In Shippuuden they get along better and better and get really closer. When she learns that Akatsuki is looking for the Kyuubi slumbering in Naruto, she does everything to protect him. She realized that her healing skills would not be enough to solve Naruto's problems with the Kyuubi, so she tried to learn other techniques so that she could be of greater help to Naruto. Even as a Genin, Naruto was obviously in love with Sakura, but she only had eyes for Sasuke. After many missions, she begins to develop romantic feelings for Naruto as well, but she is not ready to confess them. Yamato, Kakashi and also Sai notice that Sakura is slowly developing a devotion to Naruto. Naruto is more of a best friend for Sakura, who have a very strong and friendly bond. Naruto saved Sakura from many dangers, like when Sasuke tried to kill her with the kunai, but Naruto intervened. But nothing came of both secret loves, because Sakura marries Sasuke and Naruto Hinata and so both remain best friends who are forever inseparable despite everything.

Relationship with Hinata

Naruto tends to be on friendly terms with Hinata. Already in her childhood she is visibly in love with Naruto and admires him because he never gives up and so she has set herself the same goal as him: never to give up. Naruto has not yet commented on his love for him. During the Chunin selection exams, she tried as best she could to help Naruto. Later in the fighting rounds, she meets her cousin, who holds a grudge against her for being part of the main family and always having an easy time. Naruto cheered her more often, which gave Hinata strength again and again, even if she lost the fight. When Pain was about to kill Naruto, she faces Pain to protect Naruto. She confesses her love, which confuses Naruto a bit. When Hinata was badly injured by Pain, Naruto thought she was no longer alive and instantly transforms into the Kyuubi, proving that Hinata matters to Naruto. This is clearly shown in The Last, because this period of time marks the beginning of their love affair. At an unknown point in time, the two of them get married and, as can be seen in the epilogue, have two children together.

Shinobi training

After his time as a candidate, Naruto failed the actual final exam because he could not perform an appropriate bunshin no jutsu[15]. But since he stole Konoha's secret scroll shortly afterwards and learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu from it, his sensei Iruka Umino let him graduate anyway.

Training by Kakashi

Afterwards he was trained with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha by Kakashi Hatake in Team 7 and after the successful bell test he was trained as a genin.[16] In his first big mission he released the power of Kyuubi for the first time, and thus contributed a decisive part to the victory over Haku. Naruto also gained his first teamwork experience here with Sasuke. In Naruto Shippuuden, Naruto discovers that he has the Fuuton element[13] and so trains under Kakashi's guidance and under Yamato's supervision to combine the normal Rasengan with Fuuton. Naruto suffered a lot under Kakashi's special training, as it was exhausting beyond measure, but in addition to the Fuuton: Rasengan, Naruto ultimately also managed to develop the perfection of the lawn goose, the Fuuton: lawn shuriken. For this S-rank jutsu he creates two shadow doubles so that the third one can only take care of adding the wind chakra.

Training through Jiraiya

In the course of the Chunin selection test, he learned from Jiraiya about the power of Kyuubi in order to control it approximately, and was taught Kuchiyose no Jutsu. Furthermore, Jiraiya taught him the lawn goose, which Naruto learned very quickly and with a special finesse: He simply uses a shadow double to tackle both stages of the lawn goose individually. Even today, without exception, Naruto creates a shadow double every time to perform a Rasengan. In Filler episodes, Naruto goes on a big journey with Jiraiya, who trains him further and teaches him all sorts of basic and special ninja properties and techniques.

Training by Fukasaku

After Jiraiya's death while fighting Pain, Naruto goes to Myoubokuzan with Fukasaku to do Senjutsu training and learn the Sennin Moodo[17]. This also seems impossible to Naruto at first, since he is not allowed to move while he is collecting nature chakra. Once again, the solution is simple: Naruto simply uses shadow doubles to collect the nature chakra in the resting position, and at the appropriate time dissolves a shadow doubles to absorb the nature chakra.

During the events of the Kage meeting, Naruto trains to maintain the Sennin mood longer.

Training by killer B

When Naruto arrived on the island, he met Killer B, the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, and he helped him with the training to control the Kyuubi. First of all, every little darkness has to disappear from the depths of his heart, otherwise Naruto will not be able to control his bijuu. This is done through meditation at the Waterfall of Truth, whereby Naruto hits its dark side in the subconscious. The "dark" Naruto is just as strong as the "real" Naruto, which is why he fails to defeat him the first time. Only the second time does he manage to do it, just with the right words. After this training session, Naruto has no more hatred in him. The second step is the encounter and sealing solution of his bijuu in the subconscious, where he must separate the chakra from the will of the kyuubi and absorb it. He defeats the Kyuubi with various types of Rasengan, which he performs in Sennin Moodo, as well as with the help of Killer B and Kushina Uzumaki, his mother, whom he met in his subconscious during the fight. After that, Naruto reseals the Kyuubi. After withdrawing its chakras, Naruto is able to change into the Kyuubi Chakra Moodo at will.


The mission in the land of waves

The bridge builder Tazuna has commissioned Team 7 to protect him in the construction of a bridge that will connect the wave realm with the mainland of the fire realm. On the way there, the team is attacked by two chunin from Kirigakure, but they are eliminated by Sasuke and Kakashi.

After the five arrive in Tazuna's village, they are surprised by NukeninZabuza Momochi, whose mission is to kill Tazuna. A fight ensues during which Kakashi von Zabuza with the help of Suirou no Jutsu