What are the Fortnite creative codes

Fortnite: creative mode

Game description:
Fortnite is a multiplayer shooter that is mainly played from a third-person perspective and now consists of three separate game modes: Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World. Battle Royale as well as the creative mode are both available for free, while Save the World is chargeable. In this review, we will focus on Creative Mode, which has been available since December 2018. In the creative mode, the players start in a lobby, from which either their own world can be created or the creations of other players can be entered. Your own world, represented as an island, is completely empty at the beginning. As known from the creative modes of other games, all (construction) elements are available directly. In addition, all weapons known from the Battle Royale mode can be selected in the inventory and even completely finished houses can be placed directly in the area. Building is not only possible here alone, but also with up to 15 other players. If you are satisfied with the specially created production, you have the option of making it public and sharing it with other players.

Pedagogical assessment:
How creative can you be?
From the testers' point of view, the creative mode is mostly used as a practice area for the battle royale mode. Here, skills such as building building structures quickly or handling different weapons can be trained in a relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, there are also many opportunities to develop your own forms, such as jump & run levels, which you can only play in creative mode. In addition, the focus is released from the tight corset of rules of the Battle Royale mode and becomes a kind of playground in which you can determine how you want to play, which also changes the atmosphere and the motivation of the players. So you can decide for yourself how you want to use the possibilities. In addition, you do not always have to restart after death, as direct entry without a reset is possible.

Control and optics
Fortnite can be played with mouse and keyboard, controller or via touch control on the smartphone. The group of game testers found the input with mouse and keyboard most pleasant.
In terms of optics, the creative mode is also based on the well-known comic style. This gives the game a more abstract style that clearly distinguishes it from reality. The mode is also technically well implemented, but there are still individual problems with the connection or glitches that make you fall out of the game world.
The almost weekly updates, which regularly add new content, such as weapons or objects, and thus offer new possibilities, are additional motivation. There is also an active community that constantly publishes new worlds that can be tested in creative mode.

Together or alone
In multiplayer mode, you can either play with friends or open a room for foreign players. Here, the card is filled by other players, with whom you can write via an in-game chat or speak via the microphone.
There is also the option of making so-called in-game purchases. These are in-game items that can be purchased for real money. These items are exclusively of a cosmetic nature, which is why they do not have any advantages. However, this is clearly advertised in the game or there are special offers, which especially younger players can be encouraged to buy.

In the creative mode, more emphasis is placed on your own creativity and less on surviving and defeating others, which is why the atmosphere in this mode is much more relaxed. According to our testers aged 12 and over, the creative mode is unproblematic, as the focus is not on fighting and defeating fellow campaigners.


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