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The sword

26 SEP 2015 - 28 FEB 2016 | Opening: SEP 25, 2015

The exhibition "The Sword - Shape and Thought" is dedicated to the European sword and its history from the High Middle Ages to the early modern period: as a tool of war and a symbol of chivalric virtues, as the preferred weapon of European fencing and insignia of domination, as a product of sophisticated technology and as a precious gem.

The shape of a sword reveals not only something about its purpose, but also about the imagination of its creator and user - "shape and thought" become one. This also and especially applies to the construction principles and geometric systems of measurement according to which medieval swords were designed.

The art of fencing is also given great weight in the exhibition. The Blade Museum has a collection of centuries-old fencing books, which are being exhibited for the first time on this occasion, along with the appropriate weapons. The show not only exhibits pieces from the holdings of the Blade Museum, but also numerous loans from other museums and private collectors in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

A special part of the exhibition presents modern swordsmiths: four internationally renowned blacksmiths (Petr Florianek, Peter Johnsson, Jake Powning and the duo Ralf Hoffmann and Sabine Piper) will realize their very own interpretation of the sword.

Sales fair for sword replicas and modern unique items

Saturday | 26th SEP | 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.
On the occasion of the special exhibition, a sword sales fair will take place on the first day of the exhibition. Internationally known swordsmiths such as Viktor Berbekucz, James G. Elmslie, J. Arthur Loose, JT Pälikkö and others. offer their handmade swords. costs: 10, - €, reduced, 5, - €.

Film screening: Klingenthal - the first royal edged weapons manufacture "and" Blades for the Kotten "

Thursday | 29 OCT 2015 | 19 o'clock
Under the French King Louis XV. On the initiative of Minister Colbert, stately edged weapons manufacturers with high-performance production facilities were created to meet the needs of a modern standing army. This is how the edged weapons manufacture Klingenthal came into being near Strasbourg. For this purpose, foreign skilled workers were recruited, such as blacksmiths, grinders, hardeners and sword sweepers from Solingen. Generous promises in financial terms and the prospect of a secure order situation prompted many Solingen craftsmen to leave their homeland and seek their fortune in Alsace. The film tells the story of this manufactory.

The second film will be "Blades for the Kotten". The redesign of showcases in the Balkhausener Kotten gave rise to the idea in 2012 to equip them with sword blades, similar to those that were made in Solingen in the 16th century. Their production was documented on film by Andreas Klüpfel. With a break and a glass of wine.
costs: Museum admission is charged.

Workshop "The Sword - Form, Thought, Movement!"

Saturday | 10 OCT 15 | 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday | 11 OCT 15 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

As part of the special exhibition "The Sword - Shape and Thought", the German Blade Museum will host a two-day fencing art workshop. Four well-known teachers from the German-speaking HEMA scene will lead the training, namely Stefan Dieke (Alte Kampfkunst Wuppertal), Martin Enzi (Dreynschlag Vienna), Alexander Kiermayer (Ochs Munich) and Herbert Schmidt (Ars Gladii Dornbirn).

In addition to the training, there will also be the opportunity to examine historical edged weapons and original prints of some fencing books up close. Admission to the special exhibition and the museum's permanent collection are included in the workshop fee.
costs: one day 70 euros, both days 130 euros. Information and registration: [email protected] and on Facebook

International symposium "The Sword - Shape and Thought"

Thursday | 19 NOV 15 | 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday | 20 NOV 15 | 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

23 speakers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece and Iran deal with the topic "sword"
Topics include material science, cultural significance and the art of fencing from the Bronze Age to Napoleon, as well as Iranian and Japanese swords. costs: 50 euros including drink.
Information under: University of Freiburg
Registration: [email protected]
The program about the conference can be found here

Friday | 25th SEP 15 | 6.30 p.m.

We cordially invite you and your company to the opening of the exhibition.

Speak it

Norbert Feith
Lord Mayor of Solingen

Anne Henk-Hollstein
Deputy Chairwoman of the Rhineland Landscape Assembly

Franz Haug
on behalf of the sponsors:
Friends of the German Blade Museum
City savings bank Solingen
Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland
Blade Museum Foundation

Dr. Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers
Director of the German Blade Museum

Peter Johnsson, Uppsala
The Sword: Geometry and Dynamics

Grotkamp-Schepers, Barbara; Immel, Isabell; Johnsson, Peter; Wetzler, Sixt, Das Schwert - Gestalt und Gedanke (on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name in the German Blade Museum from SEP 26, 2015 to FEB 28, 2016), Solingen 2015, 192 pages, numerous illustrations.
49, - € plus shipping costs

Soon also available online.

We thank the sponsors

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