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Chennai (Madras), India

Since Chennai (formerly Madras) has India's third largest airport, many travelers begin their stay here.

Despite the extreme heat, many find the city on the Bay of Bengal to be relatively calm and green, which makes a pleasant start to a tour of India possible.

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, which is not only geographically but also culturally far from the north of the country. The language, the literature, the architecture all have their own traditions that the locals are rightly proud of!

Tourist Attractions

Since the main attractions of Chennai are very far apart, the City tours the tourist office (daily mornings and afternoons) is a good way to get an overview and to cover the distances comfortably.

The historic heart of Chennai is Fort St. George: The fortress of the British East India Company from the 17th century now houses the Historical museum (closed on Fridays) with numerous documents and pictures. Also the Anglican Marienkirche (also closed on Fridays) contains numerous evidence of the colonial era.

One has a wonderful view over the old town from the main tower of the Supreme Court, a former lighthouse. The imposing one is also architecturally interesting Chepauk Palace of the Maharajas from 1768, which today houses offices of the city administration. In the numerous and extensive collections of the Government Museums there is something for everyone: departments for sculpture, Buddhist art, modern art, archeology, ethnology, musical instruments, coins and zoology really leave nothing to be desired.

The is in the quieter south of the city St. Thomas Cathedral from 1505, to which a small museum is attached. The apostle Thomas is said to be buried here, although this is historically not undisputed. Although the inside of the Kapaleeshwarar Temple Only accessible to Hindus, you can see the magnificent carvings and enjoy the religious atmosphere. The Temple festivals in spring every year, it attracts countless pilgrims and onlookers. Other interesting religious buildings in the south of Chennai are the Thousand lights mosque, the St. George Cathedral and the St. Andrew's Church.

Culture and recreation

Do you want a traditional one Dance or music performance visit, a look at the calendar of events or daily newspapers (in English) is sufficient. Long walks through the are wonderful for relaxation Botanical Garden and the nature reserve Guindy Park. There is a little more "action" in the Snake farm and on Marina Beach, supposedly the longest city beach in the world - the water is not suitable for swimming, however. Also a few Film studios welcome visitors, because stars and cameras are not only found in Mumbai!

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Excursion destinations in the area

Chennai is an excellent starting point for day trips to the impressive temple cities Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Tirupathiwhich are on the itinerary of most travelers to South India.

Chennai culinary

Due to the prevailing religious and cultural traditions, mainly vegetarian cooked. The main ingredients are rice, lentils, coconut and various spices and are usually served on one Banana leaf. Food stalls offer delicious Snacks like dosa and idli, which you should definitely try once. In addition, people drink more in the south of the country coffee as tea!

Shopping tip

Splendid Shopping possibilities offer themselves at the numerous markets in the old town Georgetown, for example on Moore Market at Fort St. George. Popular and typical souvenirs from Chennai are checked cotton fabrics. There are many eager tailors, especially on Anna Salai Road, so you can take the fabrics home with you as ready-made clothing.

Have fun and lots of impressions on your trip to Chennai!

Text by Mag. Anissa Strommer

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Known information

Always treat the local population with due respect. Please also note local customs.

Behave responsibly: The CO2 emissions of the flight can be ironed out, for example with the non-profit organization atmosfair. Reduce the need for water (e.g. with shorter showers). Avoid unnecessary packaging waste. Support local producers instead of large corporations.

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