Why companies need security guards

Airport security guards for road access control

Do you need qualified staff to ensure road access controls? We can T10 approved security guards as soon as you need them.

What is the road access control?

The road access control consists of the control of vehicles, vehicle drivers and their companions by an approved security officer before entering the airport zone.

How can we support you in carrying out road access controls?

Security guards for road access control at an airport

We are able to provide you with approved (T10 certified) Security guards for the Offer road access control.

For access control through document comparison, our security staff can perform the following actions:

  • Access control for drivers and possible companions (control of the driver's and vehicle occupants' airport ID cards);
  • Access control for vehicles (checking the validity of vehicle permits).

Our security guards have all the skills and qualifications required to check people and vehicles and to carry out the following checks:

  • Driver and vehicle occupant controls as well as control of personal items;
  • Vehicle inspection (checking of certain areas of the vehicle that need to be inspected: sun visor, seats, storage compartments, trunk, wheels, engine or any other part of the vehicle as required).

Security guards to control road access to non-public areas

You are a Company in a demarcated area and do you need security guards to ensure controls?
We can provide you with security guards who, in accordance with the methods prescribed at the airportto ensure your own security check filters at street entrances.

Several companies already trust us (AMAC Aerospace, Jet Aviation, Air Service Basel) and are completely satisfied with our services. Why not you too?

Why choose our security guards for road access control (PARIF)?

  • Security guards who have completed all relevant certifications All security guards we provide to you are T10 certified. You benefit from all the modules available for airport security and are polyvalent Can be used for security tasks that require security forces: passenger and hand luggage control, control of hold luggage, cargo control, control of on-board supplies, vehicle controls or access controls at the airport as well as security and patrol measures.
  • Security guards at your disposal as soon as you need them When you work with us, you have the guarantee under all circumstances to be able to ensure road access control. We are able to supply qualified personnel to ensure security tasks at any time. We never let a customer down!
  • Additional dog team The explosives detection dogs enable quick and efficient controls to be ensured. Explosive detection dogs are also among the most reliable means of detecting explosives. That is why we offer tracking dog expert teams (free search or specialized in odorology).