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Mergers and acquisitions in the software industry

Compared to other M&A books, this book is different. Written in a clear style, it gives a condensed overview of M&A due diligence as a whole and in particular in the software industry. He emphasizes the importance of early integration planning and introduces a new type of due diligence: Merger Integration Due Diligence, which is considered to be one of the most important success factors for the subsequent implementation of merger integration.

The book is available from BOD, from Amazon Germany and in bookshops under ISBN 978-3-7481-3326-1.

Why another book on due diligence?

For me there are three reasons to write this book: Newer insights into business modeling are not represented in M&A books and the increasing presence of software even in consumer goods creates a steadily growing demand for software M&A knowledge in all industries. Furthermore, the integration of mergers as a strategic goal is usually not well covered by activities in due diligence.

Business modeling knowledge urgently needed

In the M&A literature, I found no mention of current topics from information systems research and business modeling research. In addition, the special features of the software industry such as software business models and software ecosystems are not adequately covered there.

Software is everywhere

With the proliferation of software in all types of goods, it is imperative to gain insight into the specifics of the software industry and how we do the due diligence of software companies and software products. This book is dedicated to this subject.

Merger integration as a goal of due diligence

Successful buyers start planning the integration early on and consider the integration risk in detail. Starting early means that specific activities are carried out as part of due diligence, integration planning, and integration risk management. This book shows how the integration activities are carried out as part of a due diligence in order to ensure the success of the integration.

The book is available from BOD, from Amazon Germany and in bookshops under ISBN 978-3-7481-3326-1.

Chapter of the book

1 Economic basics

This section presents research results from information systems research on the modeling of companies as business systems and their application to mergers and acquisitions. Since this knowledge has not yet been used in M&A, I am trying to draw your attention to these developments.

2 Basics of Mergers and Acquisitions

This chapter introduces the most important terms and characteristics of mergers and acquisitions and explains how companies set up the organization and processes for carrying out mergers. I'll take a constructive approach and give brief definitions to make sure you understand the details.

3 Basics of Due Diligence

Due diligence is part of the M&A process. In this chapter the task is defined and different types of due diligences are presented. Then the due diligence is analyzed as a modeling activity. This makes it possible to find some blind spots and typical sources of error in the due diligence and post-merger integration and prepares you for the execution of the due diligence.

4 Dealing with Risks in Merger Due Diligence

Since M&A projects have a bad reputation due to many failures, risk identification and management is an important task. In this section we will learn a new approach to risk detection and learn how to deal with risks in retrospect.

5 Basics of the Software Business

This section gives you important insights into the specifics of the software business. It shows which business models and revenue models are part of a software company and which other business models such as delivery models exist in the software business. We will use these patterns to link typical success factors, risks and goals with these patterns for due diligence. We will also examine IP due diligence and specific risks in software business models.

The book is available from BOD, from Amazon Germany and in bookshops under ISBN 978-3-7481-3326-1.

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