What is MS learning

Middle school curriculum

The current version The full middle school curriculum is available through the Legal Information System (RIS): MS Curriculum

Structure of the curriculum

The curriculum consists of different parts:

  • general part of the curriculum consisting of the general educational goal, the general didactic principles and the principles of school and lesson planning
  • Lesson tables (for MS focus areas and school-autonomous design options)
  • Curriculum for Religious Educationissued by the respective legally recognized churches and religious communities
  • Curricula of the individual subjects, divided into compulsory subjects, mandatory exercises and optional subjects as well as non-binding exercises and remedial lessons.


The MS curriculum foresees four possible focus areas:

  • Linguistic, humanistic and humanistic
  • Scientific and mathematical
  • Economical-life-science
  • Musically creative

In addition, further autonomous priorities can be set at the respective school locations.

MS special forms

There are also several MS special forms that differ from the MS curriculum in terms of the timetable and individual subjects. MS special forms are, for example, the music middle school or the sports middle school.

The timetables and the specialist curricula for music, exercise and sport or Slovene can be found in