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Berlin: Counter-demonstrators block the way for right-wing “women's marches”

Around 900 people demonstrated on Saturday in Berlin against a right-wing “women's march to the Federal Chancellery”. With a blockade, the march in Friedrichstrasse was stopped for several hours by the counter-demonstrators, the police said. Finally, the organizers of the “women's march” officially ended their event. In the end, however, the participants did not let themselves be deterred from a final rally at the Chancellery.

According to the police, around 500 people took part in the “women's march” announced by AfD member Leyla Bilge. Bilge, who appeared at a Pegida event last autumn, wanted to use the “women's march” to demonstrate for women's rights.

“Here in Germany we are in the 21st century, there must be no relapse into the Middle Ages and the creeping introduction of Sharia law,” said the march's Facebook page. Everyone is invited who is against the “fatal refugee policy of the old parties”. The counter-demonstrators accused the initiators of racism under the guise of feminism.

Some people were taken into custody

In the afternoon, the police stood between the two groups with armored units. The police had started to determine the identities of the counter-demonstrators, the spokesman said. Individuals could then be taken into custody. The counter-demonstrations are now recognized as such and are therefore in principle legal, said the spokesman. Blocking the registered route of the women's march is, however, a criminal offense.