Are anarchists against institutions

Ideological Foundations III: Anarchism

Left Extremism in Germany pp 55-67 | Cite as

  • Armin Pfahl-Traughber
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Alongside Marxism, anarchism represents the second large “ideological family” in left-wing extremism. After discussing its general characteristics (5.1), the ideological forms will be dealt with. In an ideal-typical sense (according to Neuman 1996), an individualistic (5.2), solidarity (5.3), collective (5.4) and communist anarchism (5.5) as well as anarcho-syndicalism (5.6) can be distinguished. Due to the frequent identification of anarchism with violence and terrorism, the existing relationship (5.7) still receives special attention. Then it comes to the criticism of anarchism of Marxism (5.8) and the criticism of Marxism of anarchism (5.9), with which the front position of both “ideological families” of left-wing extremism is to be systematically illustrated. And finally there is a critical examination of the core positions related to the legitimation problems of anarchism (5.10).

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