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BielefeldBielefeld's new 4-D super cinema poses a number of puzzles

Bielefeld. Since the end of the Cinestar cinema in March, the rooms on Zimmerstrasse had become quiet. The more than ten halls and their 2,315 seats remained unused. A cinema is due to open again in October at the same location. But the new cine center in downtown Bielefeld poses a number of puzzles.

First of all, there is the question of the operator. There are two different versions here. Sometimes there is talk of five Turkish business people without any cinema experience, sometimes the operator is said to be an East Westphalian businessman. Whoever it is, they don't want to show themselves publicly before the opening or reveal any other details of their cinema.

It can be heard from people around that an opening is planned with a lot of fanfare in Hollywood style. In the thunderstorm of flashlights, celebrities will then stroll down the red carpet in the new cinema. Some celebrities have even agreed to attend the event. Which celebrities are these? This is another mystery. The time is also unknown.

Film academy rumors

There are also rumors that a film academy is to be built next to the cinema on Zimmerstrasse, in which the next generation will be trained in front of and behind the camera. The alleged appearance on Instagram also fits in with this. There is also talk of "Film Academy and Cinecenter Bielefeld". When asked, they did not want to reveal any details about possible plans here either.

The only thing that is certain so far is that the new cinema will open this month. The renovation work is currently still in progress on the upper floor in order to initially open four cinema halls. In the coming year there will also be a 4-D cinema in the Cinecenter.

The core of the new technology are special seats that can be moved in any direction in a flash thanks to hydraulic cylinders. Vibrators under the seat and on the backrest either hum like a motor or shock the viewer. The cinema-goers also feel finely differentiated movements synchronized with the image and sound and thus a coordinated interaction with the action.

State-of-the-art technology

If the screen weather is particularly bad at the moment, the viewer will also feel it. When it rains, a nozzle in the backrest of the person in front emits splashes. In extreme winds, there is a good flow of air from another nozzle. Larger nozzles close to the screen reinforce this wind simulation. Depending on the desired effect, these generate either gentle and even wind or violent gusts.

The nozzles can also spit out steam, fog and smoke to enhance the film experience. A 4-D system can even make snowflakes trickle from the cinema ceiling. In the event of a thunderstorm or a huge detonation on the screen, an electronic flash in the ceiling of the cinema helps to perfect the illusion.

If it gets scary, a flexible chopstick just above the footrests ensures that the audience's ankles are tickled and the potential for shock is increased again. And the sense of smell is also used in the 4-D cinema. Small nozzles on the seat distribute aromas to support the stench or scent close to the script. If the plans are actually implemented in this way, the Cinecenter with its 4-D hall would be a technical pioneer in Bielefeld.