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Indianapolis yes or no? This question has not yet been definitively answered, despite the great tones of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. Two weeks before the US Grand Prix, several drivers are considering a boycott. The most prominent is the world champion: Michael Schumacher.

Ferrari's team boss Jean Todt opened the "Gazzetta dello Sport" in an interview with an insight into the inner workings of the German. "Michael was very sad when he came to Monza. I asked him if he wanted to drive. In Monza he wanted to be there, but as far as Indianapolis is concerned, we will follow Michael's decision," said Todt. It is not only the mourning for the victims of the devastating terrorist attacks and the fear of the flight to America that make Schumacher doubt. Above all, he was annoyed with some of his colleagues, especially BAR pilot Jacques Villeneuve. This had rejected Schumacher's suggestion not to overtake in the first two chicanes. Apparently under pressure from their team bosses, five other drivers joined the refusal.

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Online gaming: meinberlin.de is looking for the Formula 1 champion! After the failed Monza agreement, it seems unlikely that all drivers could opt to boycott Indianapolis. But maybe the race has to be canceled for logistical reasons. The world association FIA and authorities want to talk about these problems in Brussels in the next few days. At the moment, all of the Formula 1 air freight should go through Amsterdam. There is a pressure chamber there for searching for explosives under flight conditions - the only one in Europe that is large enough to hold the Formula 1 containers. The vans will not return from Monza until Tuesday, and the material should be loaded into the Jumbos in Amsterdam and flown out by Thursday at the latest. For Indianapolis, however, there is still no landing permit, and evasion via Chicago or Canada would entail further delays.

In addition, nobody knows how Formula 1 should get their tires to Indianapolis fast enough. A large shipment from Bridgestone from Japan has been stuck in Alaska for some time now. And then there is the annoying thing with fuel: At the moment, petrol may not be flown into the USA at all for safety reasons. So the Fia would have to approve and prescribe American fuel as the official racing gasoline. Anyone can already imagine that the engine manufacturers would then jump in a triangle because they didn't know what the unfamiliar fuel would do to their high-performance engines. There is also talk of tightening visa conditions. Another point that could prove to be an obstacle in the short term.

Somehow, on Sunday evening in the Monza paddock, you couldn't get rid of the feeling that many people in charge were hoping that the controversial race would be canceled this way. If the US Grand Prix were to be waived for logistical reasons, the Americans and those responsible for Formula 1 would save face, and contracts would not have to be broken.

In any case, there is already speculation about alternatives. The failed race could be rescheduled two weeks after the official season finale in Japan. That would be the end of October. The routes from Jerez in Spain and Estoril in Portugal are being discussed as venues.

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