How to do NunChai

Scouting made easy: Our ABC

Local groups


Not knowing in the morning where to sleep for the next night, getting to know other people, being ready for something new. Pathfinding means pure adventure.


Whether Chai or Tschai: What is meant is the delicious, hot spicy tea that is drunk in the yurt in the evening during the singing round. The recipe? Each tribe has its own creation, with fresh cloves or a cinnamon stick or or or ... And of course the recipe of your own tribe is always the best in the world - no discussion at all!


Pack your rucksack, buy a ticket, say goodbye to your parents and you're ready to go. Hike, experience adventure, have fun. Then we feel really good. And most importantly: plan as little as possible, be open to surprises!

Horde pot

Hungry scout mouths want to be fed - usually with tons of pasta or rice. With sauce, of course. All of this can only be prepared in sufficient quantities and tasty enough in the crock pot. Mhmmmm ...


This accommodation comes from Lapland. Our favorite black sleeping place can compete with any 5-star suite. Or where else can you make a campfire inside and look at the starry sky at the same time? The big black tents are called yurts, by the way.

Morning round

As soon as you woke up, hardly had breakfast, you were asked into a circle and had to make a monkey of yourself with silly games. But without it is also stupid.

Oh how nice

When the smoke draws from the yurts in the evening and the camp slowly comes to rest with atmospheric guitar sounds - what could be nicer? Just.

Chatterbox alert

If there is one thing that scouts are particularly good at, it is: talk, talk, talk. Gladly around the campfire, gladly all night. Until next > Morning round.


Is completely overrated. Goes on the road and in the camp also quite well without. Well, mostly the older ones complain. So we sleep every now and then. Want to be fit for the ride or the next one > Adventure.


There is a lot in the BdP! It's just exciting to hear the old stories. But the boys hold the helm in their hands. The girls too, of course.


Once a scout, always a scout - they say. Also true. Anyone who has succumbed to the idea remains connected to the adventure of finding a path for their entire life And becomes American President. Or an astronaut. Or talk show host.


We rock what guitar, voice, songbook and singing group have to offer - and do (almost) everything that our generation enjoys. Or do you think we're old-fashioned and boring? That’s nonsense.

Federal camp

We meet every four years - then there are 5,000 scouts in one pile. Sometimes in the north, sometimes in the south, sometimes in the east, sometimes in the west. Bula - that's what we call it - means: little> sleep, lots of Dixiklos and a lot of fun!


Wander through Sweden for three weeks without your parents, just cook the food yourself
or learn a new instrument. With us you can just do things! Don't ask, try.


Nothing works for us without them! It doesn't matter whether at our meetings week after week > Ride or in > Federal camp. Of course there are arguments, but only together can you experience what defines us: "Everyone gives what he * she can - and everyone takes what he * she gets."

Igloo tents

Sorry, but they don't work with us! After all, we're not at the campsite. So please leave it at home with the garden gnome.


Something like that > Federal camp. Just a lot bigger. And with scouts from almost every country in the world. Up to 40,000 to be precise. A spectacular camp. The whole world in one place - and we are right in the middle of it.


Okay, first of all it has to burn. Not that easy, wet wood, broken matches and such. But once the fire starts, the evening is usually long. It's also more exciting than television.

By the way

Cooking food, building kitchens, tying knots, reading cards: we learn most of it in the > Group by the way. Otherwise it would be boring. What we learn is - by the way - also great for everyday use. Learning for life.


This textile is not only used in Mexico. It helps against rain, mud and annoying moles. If necessary, you can snuggle up under it for two.


There is nothing like a refreshing rain shower in the tent camp or on the road. When something wet drips onto the tent roof or slowly penetrates clothing: wonderful. But you can also do without it. Sometimes used as a shower replacement.


Without that, nothing works for us. Lone fighters and would-be chiefs are not welcome here.


Small, yellow and always in a good mood. Experience adventures, cool games and help wherever he * she can.
He * she is curious about everything and nothing is safe from him * her.

X times

No, we don't lead old ladies across the street against their will and we prefer to eat our cookies ourselves instead of selling them to total strangers. But: Doing a good deed every day is not a bad resolution in life either.

Lemon tea

Nothing works with us without the granular, brown powder in the yellow plastic box! The Wölfling likes it rather sweet, the older ones, on the other hand, value a good vintage and of course a subtle lemon note.