Is the Sony MDR XB30EX a good pair of headphones

Headphones Sony mdr xb50ap - reviews. Negative, neutral and positive feedback. Our rating of the Bluetooth headset Sony MDR-XB50BS in-ear headphones Sony MDR XB50AP

One important clarification to those ears, I only saw a passing mention of it in one of the places across the network, and I came across it myself, and today I just returned it. Apparently these "Sonya" are not friends with old smartphones. I don't know exactly why it matters and what is "wrong" with older models. In my case, it is a smart Lenovo P770, on which, first of all, the headphone sound sucks, to put it mildly, subjectively like some unnamed earbuds for 300 rubles, that is, the sound comes with very large distortions. At the same time, the headset will not work in the headset (microphone) mode itself. However, if the headset button is pressed and held, something will jump in this block and the headphones will start playing normally as originally intended. This only continues if the button is held down. It is worth letting go of it again, porridge and crackling.

If you also connect it to another sound source, e.g. B. to an iPhone 5s or even a laptop, i. H. not on the phone - they play perfectly. Everything works from the iPhone. So keep in mind that it definitely won't work with the Lenovo P770. What other models is it not friendly with. I have no idea where I didn't find such data. Probably if you have relatively new phone 2-3 years you don't have to worry too much. On the other hand, I would advise you to insist on checking directly in the store when buying by referring to this feature of the model, because depending on the decency of the seller and your "teeth" when it comes to returning or replacing headphones She can grieve.

In terms of sound, I only heard them while figuring out why they weren't playing and not very carefully. Also, this is my first experience of communicating with earplugs in general. There is nothing like it. Compared to big ears, I agree with the review. Strong bass, to be honest, I didn't even immediately think that the plugs could play like that, but rather weak mids and highs. Although I like more bass, the other registers are too weak for me, there are a lot of details in rock and hard rock. This is with the same sound sources and roughly the same price range, for example when compared to the Sennheiser HD 202. On the other hand, I repeat once again that these are my first earplugs and it is possible to generally request such a design to match the sound of ears full size. Not exactly fair. And compared to the alternatives in this price range for plugs, they may be very good, I'm not sure.

I fully agree with him on the remark about Past the Crocodile. The indication of the sound source is important in order to understand and evaluate as much as possible without listening to the product yourself. On the other hand, for some reason he himself forgot to specify his sound source, which I think adds to the confusion of readers. I would even develop this idea further, suggesting that the source should match the level of the product in question. That is, if we talk about Sony MDR-XB50AP headphones now, for 2,000 rubles plus or minus (for 2016) you don't have to plug them into an Astell & Kern player for 150,000 wooden regardless of the results. Because it is then not very clear for which consumer segment this evaluation or evaluation is made. As I've partially emphasized, I'm using simple, custom sources. A home PC and a couple of laptops, each with a standard HD audio source soldered to the motherboard, are everywhere now. AND simple smartphones a Lenovo P770, the second iPhone 5S.

Sincerely, Dmitri.

    10 /10

    January 31, 2016

    I've been using them for about three months now and I can say that these headphones deserve attention in this price range. Wins back his prize. I use them on the LG G Pro with custom Poweramp presets and on a laptop with Beats Audio. Every genre plays with 5+, if the track is of course lossless and if the usual MP3 320kbps, then with 5+ :) Very high quality sound transmission. Even in the quietest moments when my previous headphones were just quiet.

    • + Quality bass; + Rich sound; + Design; + Processing; + Price; + Convenient, do not crash; + Comfortable ear pads installed as standard in headphones; + Very, very high quality wire!
    • - During the winter season, they do not sit comfortably in their ears because of the hat they wear. - The coating of the "shiny" wears off over time; - Volume control is not enough; - It's very scary when the wire sticks to something and stretches
  1. headphone

    17th May 2016

    Headphones are good for everyone - and the characteristics are excellent, and indeed the sound is good, and in the picture they are beautiful ... Just one minus - heavy and huge! Like the handles of a pot sticking out of your ears!

    November 21, 2016

    Unkillable, loud, there is NO bass at all (!) Until you increase it with an equalizer. So if you think you're going to get the bass out of the box, don't worry and buy it. Better not to find anything for the price. Medium and high are excellent, high can also be raised anywhere in the equalizer, which cuts your ears just as hard. Do not gasp or work smoothly at maximum volume. Because of the loud bass, medium and high frequencies do not come to the fore.

    • I use it every day for 4 years. 4 years old, Karl. After washing washing machine did not break. The wires are in perfect condition, the insulation has not come off anywhere. After four years of warming up, they seem to be playing a lot better than before, even though they haven't compared. They work like a clock, I don't know how to kill them anymore.
    • The Sony logos will be deleted. It is desirable to have a powerful music phone / amplifier / player because the impedance is 40 ohms
  2. 10 /10

    May 23, 2016

    I bought it based on the reviews and was right. Despite the impressive size, the sensations are pleasant. They sit tight in the ears. The set contains 4 pairs of ear pads for each size of the ear canal. The bass does not drown out other frequencies. The headphones have a sensitivity range of dB, at maximum volume they do not gasp, click, or hiss. Headphones justify themselves. As they say - "Beauty that understands."

The sellers very much agreed with my choice, they said these are such great headphones, just great. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything breathtaking about this headset: they don't sound loud enough and the microphone doesn't work at all with incoming calls. I changed the rubber pads, the sound got a little better, but also far from perfect. I began to study the instructions, which is very precisely written, "If you connect an unsupported smartphone, the microphone of this device may not work or the volume may be low" (volume from what - headphones or a microphone ??) too . Sony has always been a leader in headphones. So it turns out that my Samsung Galaxy Core2 is the "Unsupported Smartphone"? Then the question is: why isn't all of this on the box above? To find out which smartphones are supported and which are not before you buy? It's simply called: Android and Iphone. So are they still for the iPhone?
I see everyone is excited, I am not. In my opinion there is nothing like Explay Smart.


  • It's rubbish, they have no merit


  • Sound garbage
  • diffraction at low frequencies do they completely cover the center?
  • HF blocking from 10 kHz. they are not there at all.


I don't even know who likes that.



  • do not justify yourself in anything, difficult!

Of course, I understand that this is not the most expensive model, but for 1700 rubles it was possible to try! No different from basic vacuum headphones, except for the design, the sound in the kit is basically the same as always, a handbag and accessories, but they are not necessary. I also worry that they each weigh two kilograms. If you really want to hear sound quality, these headphones are definitely not for you, it is best to collect 9,000,000 and go to the store, for example, upstairs and listen before you buy, rather than looking for reviews like me. After all, most of the reviews about her are so colorful and impressive. I am very sorry!


  • What advantages can we talk about ???


  • The bass is oversaturated, there is no detail!
  • The headphones were heard on both a well-forged player and smartphones.
  • With prolonged use, the ears do not hurt from the sound, but from an uncomfortable fit in the ears

I do not advise


  • From the pluses that they play


  • Everything that is promised does not match

EXTRA BASS is written in big letters on the package, but my grandmother gave out more bass when she yelled at my grandfather. The shape of the headphones the designers were looking for is not clear. If you put a hat on the headphones, you risk piercing your brain with it. The reviews say about pure sound, but where is it, is there pure sound? In general, dear, these are simple cheap headphones. When comparing cheaper headphones from SONY, I did not notice any difference.
Headphones in the ear Sony MDREX15LP / BZ (AE) absolutely also play.
The sound was tested on an IPOD.


  • L-shaped connector
  • high sensitivity and impedance


I don't know how to admire the sound of a subwoofer. I can't compare to anything else. Even using it for its intended purpose - hands-free calling - is disgusting. Sounds like a toilet. In musical compositions, low frequencies overwhelm everything and make the sound "flat". No equalizer helps. Weight - 8 g each capsule and due to the "design" the feeling is three times as high. In cold weather, wearing it in the ears is even more "fun". You can not close your ears - the pressure on the ear canal increases due to the barrel-shaped growth, the purpose of which is absolutely unclear, and the metallized coating creates a kind of radiator. So the sensations are still the same. The wire is thick and synchronized in the cold. Price - based on the above, I think it's not rightly high. I decided to take it to replace the prematurely deceased Sony MDR-EX110 (already the second set :() which cost three times less.

Sheer disappointment.



The sound is very average. There is no talk of 4 Hz - there is hardly anything below 100 either. There is a bass, but it is artificially pushed out - the sound is dull and booming like a barrel.
The design itself is also unsuccessful - the cylinders stick out clearly and rub against everything - the hood, hat - and the noise of the friction is very annoying when listening, especially when walking. (In the summer this disadvantage will obviously be insignificant)
There's no clothespin on the wire, and although the microphone's design is streamlined, the wire is non-slip and sticks to clothing, and the headphones are no-no and even pull out of your ears.


I regret buying it. I've come to the conclusion that Sonya ears with diaphragms less than 13.5mm can only be bought if you don't care about sound quality.


The sound is good, but the bass overwhelms the high frequencies. For some, the trackat is severely interrupted and the high and medium frequencies only sound somewhere in a bank. I don't know how to describe it. In general, the sound is more or less normal. I compare the CX-200 with the CX-300


Very, very frustrated, after Senhaizern (common plugs) these headphones are VERY unrealistically uncomfortable and healthy. I've been thinking for a long time whether to buy it or not because I was looking at this huge washing machine (amp). And unfortunately I miscalculated. Personally, my ears (generally standard, all headphones always fit me well) get very tired of these headphones, I want to take them off asap. I've tried different attachments, but unfortunately this is probably due to the weight of the headphones. This is very annoying to the ear, it is impossible to listen for a long time: (Although I am generally satisfied with the sound.


I do not recommend these headphones to sensitive people as they are very heavy and cause discomfort when pulled down.

I am once again convinced that the reviews cannot be trusted as everything is subjective. I read positive reviews about these ears and decided to order without looking.
They definitely look cool, but zvuuuuk ... It's just really awful. Half the frequencies are just not there and the equalizer can't bring them out. Boring like in a tank. Maybe I got married, or maybe most people do, but the standard ears that came with the phone sound better



  • the sound is not corrected by the equalizer either


In short, just disgusting headphones, one piece of advice to everyone - you shouldn't take them!

An experience:

After many years of using Sony mdr xb30ex headphones, one ear stopped working. I want to point out that they have been through a lot and repeatedly accidentally washed in washing machine, dropping, a sharp pull out, but always faithfully served!

It is time to change I believe in Sony's company and decide to buy the next sony version mdr xb50ap in an official store, in short, a disappointment and definitely not worth taking!
The sound quality has gotten much worse compared to the xb30ex, there is almost no volume, no hint of bass, all of these "extra bass" labels are a complete mess. The microphone kept creaking and everyone was complaining about the sound quality. After two weeks of use, one ear began to fail. Returning to my starting point, the result of a waste of time and money.

Once again, the headphones are just awful!


  • Nice packaging
  • storage bag included
  • corner lifter


  • Sound, if you can even call it sound.
  • The design creates discomfort that turns into pain.

Let's start with the main thing: despite the catchy label "Extra Bass" and the stated range of reproducible frequencies from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, the sound these headphones emit is just terrible. Perhaps they can only be compared to Chinese single-use headphones. What marketers call bass is actually just a blurry monotonous rumble, the entire soundscape is flat, as if it were filled with cotton wool in the ears and the equalizer cannot be revived. I don't advise looking at these headphones as a choice. In addition, they have low sensitivity and do not work loudly at maximum volume. I switched the headphones to the Yamaha EPH-R52 even though they are a third more expensive, but they really sound.

Neutral ratings


  • Good sound potential (bassists will like it, bass here - chickens don't bite)
  • Not a bad volume (of course depends on the device)


  • Incredible cable (kind of thin)
  • The winding of the same cable has a kind of corrugated structure, and the cable collects rustle
  • When you put headphones in your ears, you will hear the headphone diaphragm click, which creates no confidence at all
  • The button on the microphone is level with the case, making it more difficult to press without looking.


I took these headphones specifically for music and not microphones etc so I put 4 and not 3. There would be none of these shortcomings (at least a click membrane), there would be a big five.




I've been using it for two months. The button on the headset began to sink, the music playback was constantly interrupted, I could not take the call normally - a constant reset after lifting the handset. It is not possible to use. I'm going to church.I hope that they will solve the problem there, as the headphones are, by the way, completely satisfied.


  • Pleasant sound with clear bass (for this price)
  • Broad, durable wire with no rustling effect


  • The main disadvantage is poor microphone control: there are no volume buttons, you cannot "answer" by pressing a button on the headset, only "reset", the call works, and I tried pressing with different strength and duration. Such a post on Iphone 6 and Xiaomi Readmi 3

Little things: The headphones stick out and it is not convenient to sleep with them. The socket leaves a little when you touch it (probably a marriage).


  • Sony design is always up to date
  • They sit like a glove in their ears
  • The bass the headphones are designed for
  • excellent for their price


  • Because of the twisted bass, the middle and top disappear

Somehow everyone pounced on the headphones. Everything sounds good enough for the music these headphones were designed for. Electronic music with bass overload is especially addicting.

In general, the headphones aren't bad. Of course, you won't hear a super duper bass here, but the sound is clear enough for its price range. A set of "earplugs" included in the kit helped choose the optimal size for the ear. No wire clip. The wire itself is almost flat, so a "clothespin" on a standard headset won't work. This is important for Y-shaped headphones. Unusually large, especially for the in-ear model. The button on the remote control is pressed gently without sticking or clicking. In general, I was happy with the purchase.


  • The size
  • A set of plugs of different sizes
  • Build quality and sound


  • Lack of a clip for a string

positive reviews


  • good sound
  • great bass
  • very strong
  • it's a pleasure to study in the gym
  • 5 noise reduction


  • I didn't really notice


I bought these headphones for the first time 4 years ago and every 4 years they worked perfectly and without errors. Then the rubber band broke, the wire near the plug broke, and the sound began to fade. Without hesitation, I went and bought the exact same ones. Now I `m happy again. The headphones are really great, I advise everyone!


  • The best drip headphones I've ever had. The depth of the sound is amazing. Seems to cover all possible areas.
  • The volume is amazing.
  • The presence of a microphone and control panel for calls / current tracks.
  • A high quality material that combines soft metal and expensive plastic. I haven't stepped inside them in the cold yet, but I think the cold won't warm them up. - High quality, flat cable that won't get tangled. The cable has a special jumper that can be used to adjust the length.
  • They look stylish, simple, strict and tasteful.
  • The set contains extra small attachments for people with small ear cups like mine. I like it.
  • The price fully justifies the quality. There is no better sound for the price.


  • The relatively bulky form factor of the headphones themselves (the exact part that fits in the ear). I mean you won't be able to sleep with them on your side, and in a hat in the winter, they may not be as comfortable with them. But I think it is possible to get used to it.
  • If you've used more than cheap headphones or decided to switch from dripping in-ear headphones, then the bass may seem deeper than usual the first time around. But this will pass over time, so I'll highlight this as a conditional minus. Either way, there are equalizers that allow you to adjust everything to your liking.
  • Missing clothespins for clothes. But also a little something.


Before this model, I used a Sennheiser cx-200 ii and some kind of Chinese shirpotreb for 800 rubles, I didn't even remember the name. After listening to my favorite song through these Sony headphones, I almost yelled) I had to download all of my favorite band's albums and listen to them like the first time. I checked the sound quality on the LG Nexus 5 and listened to music in Vkontakte and various MP3 files, as well as in Foobar2000 on a laptop in lossless format. Everything is just beautiful! Take it without hesitation, you will not regret it! I took it in July 2017, I think better model can hardly be found in the next six months.

The bass on these plugs is really improved, they didn't disappoint. It's not as scary as the name suggests, however. The company does not deceive anyone - excellent ears for compact technology. Contains four attachments. The shape is of course not anatomical, but they fit securely. I am afraid that in winter I just have to choose a hat that is more spacious. I am grateful to them for that - for the fact that they do an excellent job with the sound leakage. With the iPhone 5c, 60 percent of me cannot hear people talking and there is almost no traffic noise. And the people around don't hear my music. Actually thanks to the reinforced base and the correctly selected nozzle. By the way, it is better to choose those that the headphones will go well with. Otherwise, they may fall out of your ear. Still, they're pretty heavy - 12mm drivers need tweaking somewhere, and leaving room to improve bass. The general conclusion is: city ears for those who don't want to hear the grumbling of others without turning the volume knob all the way. To meet the expectations, you will receive five points



  • Probably because of the high resistance of 40 ohms, they don't play loudly on my smartphone, but there are no such problems on a laptop. You can stay without membranes if you want


I've been using it for 8-16 hours a day for 2.5 years. The headphones are still alive and will not die yet. Their ears don't hurt. Also, because of the shape, you won't be able to fall asleep in it unless you naturally sleep on your back. The hat was also rightly noticed. Before that there was a Yamaha in the same price range. I'm not going to lie, the sound of Yamaha is much better, but they lived for half a year.



I bought these headphones almost two years ago and haven't looked back. I use them every day, listening to music on my cell phone, watching films on my laptop, wherever sound and sound transmission are best. Of course, these headphones are specially designed for listening to music, clear and surround sound, fantastic bass, and most importantly, headroom.

Consider the design and appearance of our hero: they look very cool, it seems that they are big and heavy and not comfortable. Nothing like that. You can walk with them for hours and listen to music without getting tired.

And they also have an excellent microphone, they talked like that in winter, the microphone was inside a winter jacket and I was still very audible.

I advise everyone to use SUPERRR headphones.

General impression: Best headphones from SONY


  • They immediately took their place in the ears, sat like family.
  • 4 types of interchangeable tips for all ears and ears. The cover is included although I don't use it. Don't get entangled in your bag or backpack like many others.
  • Loud and bass enough, that's what you need!


  • If only volume control ... I haven't found any more negative points for myself

Excellent value for money



Cool headphones, great sound. I prefer to listen to heavy music and dance music. These droplets have very good bass and if you also experiment with the equalizer in the player you can get a generally wonderful sound. In these headphones, you can distinguish individual instrumental parts while listening to songs, and classical music sounds great in them. From the minuses, a thin cable can be noted, so you need to be extremely careful with the headphones. I already have the second, the first has a broken cable in one ear. This time I decided to buy an additional service, thanks to the seller for the advice. If they break now, I'll be able to exchange them in the store without any problems. It is convenient that there is a microphone on the cable. If you want to listen to music from your phone, you can easily answer the call without taking the phone out of your pocket. generally great headphones from a well-known manufacturer at a reasonable price



What kind of headphones have I never had and expensive in my entire life. For 2000 rubles and the cheapest from 150 rubles, based on this experience, I can say that you need to choose the golden mean, buy headphones no more than 800- 900 rubles, but there are exceptions and this Sony is an exception. I'm not at all a fan of buying expensive headphones as experience has shown that they become unusable, even faster than their budget counterparts, no matter how weird it is. but i decided on an exception, the latest headphones served me faithfully for 4 months and only cost 400 rubles, but i decided to buy a Sony anyway. The sound just cannot be described in words, very powerful and lively, you can very clearly distinguish instruments, excellent bass, the landing was a bit unusual for me, all headphones have a common disease, these are frayed wires, in this case there is not even a hint of it, they said the paint is peeling off quickly but I haven't noticed yet even though I wear it with no cover on. Sony is generally known for their sound, but here, by the way, they have even outdone themselves, usually after 1-2 hours of aces in other headphones, the ears fall off and the head hurts, there is no such thing, which is very enjoyable. I recommend Sony to music lovers who, like me, cannot live a day without music, the best option for this money.


  • Convenience
  • strong wire
  • headphone design


  • A little bit of bass for rock, but for electronics.

I am very happy with these headphones. I'm a patriot of Sony headphones, so the sound is familiar to me :) Great!


Excellent value for money. For 2000 rubles we can get headphones with an excellent sound frequency range, and what is very gratifying is the bass amplifier (the so-called bass booster - it really works). The headphones do a great job with low and medium frequencies. The highs aren't that good, but definitely no worse than classmates. I'm very happy that the connector is L-shaped, so these are much more durable. The ribbon-like cable is also pleasing - it looks reliable enough, let's see how long it lasts.


Of the shortcomings, we can only say that the headphones are very difficult to repair in the event of a breakdown. And lying down you can't hear music with them because they stick out of your ear - but that's a fool. I can not say more.

An affordable Bluetooth headset for sports and everyday use in a wide variety of conditions. Indeed, the Sony MDR-XB50BS is a very nice device, it is generally one of the best among budget stereo headsets ...

Delivery content

  • Headset
  • Nozzles and temples
  • electric wire
  • documentation

Design, construction

In the modern line of wireless sony headset this is a junior model. If you follow such things, you have likely recognized the good ol 'AS600 / AS800 headphones in the Sony MDR-XB50BS. They are generally very similar in nozzles and form factor.

I won't say anything bad about them, as I almost always do with Sony, things aren't bad for their money and are worth buying right now. The budget model Sony MDR-XB50BS does not replace it, but complements the line. This is a kind of sports solution as it has comfortable hangers, attachments and splash guards. That said, if you are looking for something inexpensive to walk or run on the track or on the street, you can be sure to buy. I can say that now.

My second advice concerns the temples and appendices themselves. Despite the fact that the headphones are cheap, it doesn't smell like cheap. Small size nozzles differ from the large ones in the color of the sockets inside, the large ones are green, the small ones are red. This is convenient because you can't get confused in real life. Don't forget, however, that the arches are of different sizes here too. After choosing the best option, you can use the Sony MDR-XB50BS in both the gym and public transportation.

Third tip - the headset is best suited to various smartphones, tablets, computers - and it is suitable for a variety of situations. That is, it is not necessarily a sport, the "fiftieth" will do well on public transport and in the office.

Now let's get back to design. The device is available in three colors: dark gray, red and blue.

On official photos you can see how the headphones fit - in general, they are clearly visible.

By the way, I've never seen Sony in my gym - mostly people go with Beats, EarPods, AirPods, they've met Bose SoundSport a couple of times. Somebody at Sony will likely need more detailed information to consumers in the spring that wireless sports headsets are in their range and can be purchased (that's true).

The design is standard: two cups connected by a thin noodle cable. Although the right channel is not highlighted in red, which is common with Sony - everything is black, the pages are unlikely to get confused. On the right cup are the rewind, play / pause buttons. The package contains instructions on how to operate the device. The rewind buttons on the rocker are combined with the volume buttons. The multifunction button helps you to answer a call, pause the sound, activate pairing mode. To do this, you need to press and hold it for a few seconds until the indicator light flashes red and blue alternately.

It is convenient to wear headphones. I would like to remind you of the correct selection of earphones and temples. Try different ones. I didn't feel uncomfortable during the hour and a half at the gym, which says a lot. There is basic protection against water, ie against splashes and sweat. You should not swim with the Sony MDR-XB50BS.

working hours

The claimed battery life is 8.5 hours while listening to music at full volume, in reality it is around 7.5 hours. A normal micro USB port is used for charging, another cable is suitable. The battery cannot be changed, the charging time is approx. 2.5 hours.

I've been using headphones for about a week. If you listen to music for an hour and a half a day, the battery will last about five days. In connection with the iPhone, the headset charging indicator is displayed in the notification bar. Incidentally, the product name is displayed unchanged in the Bluetooth menu and in the player: Sony MDR-XB50BS.


The quality of the voice transmission is not very good. When they tried to speak, the interlocutors asked again if they wanted to use a smartphone. People are also heard strangely, as if I had fallen into fallout and there I communicate by radio with the survivors on the other side of the continent. Meddling and all that.

In terms of music, the work area is around four to five meters in the room. As much as I didn't like the quality of the voice transmission, I liked the music so much. Ideal for an inexpensive headset. There's bass, there's headroom, it's pleasant to hear a wide variety of tracks downloaded from both iTunes and Vox. What does that mean? This means that the engineers selected the speakers and tuned the sound to the best of their ability on various devices ... It turned out to be a miracle when a budget headset sounds more interesting than some even more expensive devices.


The device retails for 5,990 rubles, which is a very good offer for this money. On the plus side, I will ascribe the convenience of wearing, the convenient controls (the thumb rests on the buttons), a good time autonomous work, good quality sound. Cons - Talking isn't great.

The main impression after using the Sony MDR-XB50BS is a good, inexpensive item.I recommend buying and using it.

What are the downsides?

Long gone are long gone when Sony headphones labeled Extra Bass were only remembered for attenuating all bass and the total inability to clearly reproduce most styles of music except dance and drum'n'bass. Fortunately, the engineers at the Japanese company changed their minds and the latest members of the XB line are much more versatile without losing their bass. After seven months of active use, I can safely say that the Sony MDR-XB50AP headphones are such a versatile everyday device.

Sound quality

Of course, despite the significantly improved sound quality and versatility, all Sony ExtraBass headphones are still far from the audiophile's budget dream. For example, like most compact plug-in models, the Sony MDR-XB50AP does not convey the scene and volume very well in instrumental compositions. But let's be honest - the most popular pop hits and dance music don't have to be. And then the engineers did their best - popular music in these little "plugs" sounds pretty good. Low frequencies "bass" perfectly across the full spectrum available to earphones without drowning out the rest of the range but adding to modern music volume and drive.

High frequencies Sony MDR-XB50AP has also paid a lot of attention, which means that the music doesn't sound boring and adds a lot of detail to almost every track. There are no complaints here. The only thing that the headphones can let down a bit is the vocals. The center frequencies are so strong that they do not appear dampened, but they also do not draw attention to themselves.

Apparently, engineers originally designed headphones with the most popular EQ setting in mind - high bass and high, muffled mids. And they did it perfectly.

After seven months of operation, the headphones are already noticeably worn out.

What I love most about the Sony MDR-XB50AP is its versatility. Yes, they don't play all styles and directions perfectly, but they do their job perfectly for inexpensive, compact and comfortable everyday headphones that accompany you on the way to work, in business or on the go.

Not a single style of music sounds annoyingly bad or harsh in its performance, the sound is pleasant enough for long listening. Sony MDR-XB50AP and mine connect samsung smartphone The Galaxy S7 has proven to be excellent.

Appearance and fit in the ears

The fit in the ear is often a major problem with earplugs. Fortunately, the Sony MDR-XB50AP is surprisingly comfortable and barely noticeable to wear. Headphones from the "Insert and Forget" series. They do not fall out when walking quickly, do not clog the ears, do not rub, and become like a part of the auricle. They can also be used in inactive sports - the fit is very reliable and the headphones themselves are very light.

Unfortunately, following the tradition of Sony and many other manufacturers, imitation metal paint is not very durable, so it is advisable to use a carrying case to carry it. In active use for several months, the Sony inscription has been erased and the paint rubbed off on the ends of the plastic. The headphones look pretty shabby to be honest. Fortunately, this doesn't affect the sound quality. These scratches can be seen perfectly in the photo.

The wire is kind of weird - it doesn't appear to be circular, but it doesn't seem really flat either. As a result, he is happy to be confused at every opportunity. In my opinion, Sony could make life easier for users by making the cable wider and flatter. I don't think that would add much to the cost of the design.

The microphone housing with a button for answering / switching tracks is located on the cable of the left headphone. The universal key is too small in my opinion, which is why it is not always convenient to use with gloves. The voice quality of the microphone is average.

For some, the fact that the headphone cord isn't asymmetrical can become a noticeable disadvantage. Now, for some reason, the fashion for such cables has become practically in vain, and it was Sony that always preferred cables wrapped around the neck in their mass-produced models.

Even if you listen to music at a high enough volume, people around you are likely to hear almost nothing. The soundproofing of the headphones is quite high, the sound leakage in both directions is insignificant. They can be used in the subway and other noisy places without turning the volume up to the maximum.

The average cost of headphones at the time of writing the review is 1,947 rubles, according to Yandex Market. A little expensive for them in my opinion. Seven months ago I bought them for only 1,190 rubles for a share in Svyaznoy, but now the prices have increased significantly. However, I can certainly recommend the Sony MDR-XB50AP if you are looking for versatile, comfortable headphones for everyday use that do the job flawlessly. For those who are thrifty, I strongly recommend that headphones only be carried in a bag, as they are dusted extremely gently - then they keep their original appearance for much longer.

What did you like about the Sony MDR-XB50AP?

  • High quality and balanced sound for this price range;
  • Large for in-ear headphones Neodymium speakers with a diameter of 12 mm (8.5-9 mm for most competing models);
  • Excellent versatility - almost all genres sound almost equally good in headphones;
  • The emphasis on bass is not as pronounced as in previous generations of Extra Bass - the sound is much more balanced;
  • The headphones have a well thought-out shape and are very safe and comfortable to hold in the ear canal, do not rub.

What are the disadvantages of the Sony MDR-XB50AP?

  • Not a very reliable aluminum-like coating - when carried in a pocket and in pockets without a cover, it starts peeling off pretty quickly, like the Sony inscription.
  • Fussy music lovers should watch out for the older models - although the Sony MDR-XB50AP plays quite well for its price, no miracles are to be expected;
  • Lovers of really deep bass may be a little disappointed - despite the name Extra Bass, there is just as much low frequency as needed, without excess;

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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