How do I start a travel portal

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Are you looking for a trip, but you can't find the right one among the current travel bargains? No panic! Here you will learn how you can easily find an inexpensive package tour for yourself. 🙂

The 4 commandments of the travel search

1. Think about when and how long you want to travel

First of all, you should think about when you want to travel and how long. Make the period as long as possible (this will reduce the price) and write the dates on a piece of paper. You will find the cheapest offers if you can travel outside of the holidays.

Also think about which airports you will be flying from. The more airports the better! If you are flexible, you can first search with all airports and then, if necessary, use a train-to-flight offer.

2. First search only on a single travel portal

Don't rummage through several travel portals, you just lose the overview. Start your travel search first on a website that is clear and where the search works well. I always start at or HolidayCheck. Don't let annoying popups distract you, the advertising offers are mostly crap.

Enter your travel time, duration and, if applicable, the desired departure airport in the search fields. If you want an upscale hotel, you can set the number of stars to 4 or 5 stars.

Now look for a destination that meets your needs and is in your price range. You can also shortlist multiple destinations. The best thing to do is to open every destination and every interesting offer in a new browser tab (unfortunately not possible with Make sure that the transfer is included in the package. There is basically nothing against an offer without transfer, but you may have to take the costs for bus, train or rental car into account.

3. Expand your search to other travel portals

Now you have an approximate price feeling and maybe even a favorite destination. Search now with the same search criteria possibly with other portals. In addition to and HolidayCheck, I recommend and Expedia. Sometimes LIDL-Reisen also has a good offer.

Perhaps you will now find more offers and change your favorites, otherwise you can at least roughly compare the price. Usually there are hardly any price differences between the travel portals. If your favorite trip is on HolidayCheck or on vacation, you can use a voucher.

Before you book now, you should definitely check the reviews!

4. Check the ratings on HolidayCheck

Although all travel websites now have their own reviews, the most reliable is still the recommendation rate from HolidayCheck. If you enter the hotel name in the search field at the top right, you will be taken directly to the review overview for this hotel. It should be at least 60% recommendation rate, but that depends on your personal requirements.

If you want to be absolutely sure or are suspicious, you can also take a look at Tripadvisor.

Please do not shrink back if there is something negative about it. No hotel is perfect!

If the reviews are ok and you have compared the prices, you can book now with confidence.
You have found the right travel offer for you and can look forward to your vacation!