Is popcorn bad to eat at night?

Sweets: You can feast on these sweets after 6 p.m. - without gaining weight

Especially when you deal with the topic of losing weight, you often get to read that sweets are taboo. Too much sugar, too much fat and too many calories contain the small sins, so that the guilty conscience quickly turns on after the enjoyment. The constant consumption of these delicacies is also noticeable on the scales. Especially after 6 p.m., when you want to end the evening in a relaxed way, reaching into a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate is already an automatic mechanism. But in the evening, if the metabolism slows down, this routine is anything but beneficial for the figure. So do without it completely? This may be possible with an icy discipline, but who wants to limit themselves so much? Not only can your mood plummet by not doing it, the risk of sudden food cravings can also increase. Those who also go on a diet can reduce the chances of success by avoiding sweets, as the motivation quickly decreases after a short time. Fortunately, there are also some alternatives to the unhealthy and high-calorie sweets. You can also feast on some sweets in the evening without increasing them.

1. Popcorn

After dinner, most of them make themselves comfortable on the couch and watch a few episodes of their favorite series or an exciting film to switch off from a hard day at work. Instead of grabbing a bag of crisps as usual or sticking a couple of pretzel sticks in your mouth, you should prefer a small portion of salty popcorn. This alternative satisfies your hunger for salty snacks, but has significantly fewer calories. However, you should make sure that you do not use the processed products from the supermarket, but prepare your popcorn yourself. Then you have a very precise overview of all ingredients.

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2. Fruity nice cream

Are you more of the ice cream team in the evening? You can't really feast on the conventional varieties such as vanilla and milk-based chocolate without the sin reflected on the scales the next day. Nicecream, however, offers a healthy and low-calorie alternative. The dessert, which is prepared from frozen bananas and other fruits of your choice and without sugar, cream and eggs, is much lower in calories. To be precise, a serving of nice cream does not have 300 calories, like a conventional ice cream, but only 150. This fruity treat also provides you with vitamins. You can feast on it after 6 p.m. without feeling guilty.

3. Kale Chips

At first glance, this snack sounds a little getting used to, but kale chips are an ideal alternative to the classic variant, which is bursting with unhealthy fats. The crispy snack can be nibbled in the evening with no regrets, as it is not only lower in calories (111 calories per serving), but also contains important vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants that can even help you lose weight. Best of all: the delicacy is easy to make yourself. Dry fresh kale leaves with a little oil, lemon juice and fresh spices such as salt, pepper and thyme for a good half an hour in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius and the ideal evening snack is ready.

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4. Rice waffles with peanut butter

30 calories per waffle speaks for itself. You can also feast on rice cakes in the evening - without any regrets. Without any topping, the crispy pastries are a bit dry, but that can be changed very quickly. Spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on the slice and you have a delicious alternative to gummy bears, chocolate and co .. Peanut butter? Yes, you heard right. Models like Negin Mirsalehi also swear by this sweet snack, which satisfies the typical cravings for sweets in the evening in no time and contains comparatively few calories.

5. Dried fruit

After a hearty dinner you often feel the urge for a sweet finish. However, sweetness always means sugar and sugar in turn means calories. Of course, this is also the case with dried fruit. However, dried dates, apricots and the like have a slightly different effect on the figure, especially since they do not contain industrial sugar, but natural fructose. If you enjoy these delicacies in moderation in the evening, your body will also be supplied with important minerals and fiber, which in turn are essential for a well-functioning digestion. And that digestion has a major influence on metabolism should no longer be a secret.


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