Should a piano be tuned after moving

Piano out of tune due to shifting?

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Nov 28, 2009

I've been rearranging my room for a few days and my piano should also get a new place.
So, with a second man, I carefully freed it from its coasters and pushed it to the other side of the room (around 4 to 5 meters).
Now the room has too much reverberation there and I rolled it back again. In the original place today I kept pushing it back and forth in order to get an optimal sound position.
But already after the first time I moved it I noticed that it now sounds slightly out of tune. Even now at the end I have the feeling that the notes are fluctuating more than a few days before.
I hardly believe that my hearing has suddenly refined in such a short time. Nor is it that the furniture was moved to blame.
Could it be that the piano gets a little out of tune just by moving it? I can't imagine it, but that's my only explanation.
It was last voted at the end of January. The piano is also quite new at the age of 3.
But maybe I perceive it differently or more precisely because of the change in the room.
What do you all mean?
Thanks in advance for your answers.