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The 7 Emirates

The country United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made up of7 Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ra’s al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Qaiwain.

Thetwo main emirates are Abu Dhabi with the capital of the country UAE Abu Dhabi City and the emirate of Dubai. Most of the tourists come to Dubai and make day trips to Abu Dhabi and other emirates. All 7 emirates have a coast by the sea. All except Fundschaira are on the Persian Gulf, Fundschaira has only one coast with beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Oman.

Population: The United Arab Emirates has a total of around 4.2 million inhabitants. Here too, Abu Dhabi (around 1.4 million inhabitants) and Dubai (population around 1.3 million) dominate. Around 90% of the population are foreigners, around half of them from India. Other important countries of origin are: Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. There are also around 100,000 people from western countries who live in the UAE, just under 10,000 of whom are from Germany.

Size: The state of the UAE has an area of ​​77,700 square kilometers and is therefore about the size of Bavaria. 67,000 km² are in Abu Dhabi, so all the other 6 emirates together only have an area of ​​10,000 km². Dubai has around 3900 km², making it the second largest emirate, albeit around 17 times smaller than Abu Dhabi. Large parts of the country are uninhabited desert, only about 1 percent of the country UAE is populated.

Neighbore states:The UAE has 2 neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Language UAE: Arabic, however, many street signs etc. are bilingual Arabic and English. Many people speak Arabic and English.

Economy: The United Arab Emirates have a significantly higher per capita income than Germany. The country lives mainly from the export of oil, but also increasingly from trade and tourism. There is full employment.

Airports: There are around 9 airports, Dubai Airport is the third largest in the world. Etihad Airways and Emirates are the two domestic airlines.

Rail transport: A national rail network connecting all 7 emirates is currently being built. In Dubai there is a metro (2 lines) and, for some years now, a tram (tram).

Streets: The network of trunk roads is now well developed, there are also many motorways and expressways. There are lots of traffic jams around Dubai City in particular, although some of the important roads there have more than 10 lanes.

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Residents Dubai: 1.3 million, almost all of them live in the capital Dubai City.

Size Dubai: 3885 km², so Dubai is slightly larger than the Saarland or 4 times as large as Berlin.

Language: The official language is Arabic, English is understood by a large number of residents.

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