Responding to HTML5 or not

W3C responds to criticism of the HTML5 test

The results of the HTML5 conformity test presented on Tuesday are not final. The "World Wide Web Consortium" (W3C) refers to this on the test page. The reason for the relativization of the results is likely to be the sometimes sharp criticism of the browser developers.

Apple in particular is bothered by the results, probably not least because of the poor performance of their own product. The Safari browser was only able to finish with 100 percent in two out of seven categories; the best result was achieved by an early version of Internet Explorer 9 with 100 percent in at least five categories.

The company from Cupertino mainly criticizes the designation "official" and the fact that the competition used incomplete versions, whereas Safari used an older version marked as finished. But Opera is also bothered by the results. According to Anne van Kesteren, who speaks for the Norwegian company, the test course is not complete, which is why the results have no meaningfulness.

In the meantime, the results have been corrected because the tests were carried out with partly more recent versions of the browser. Google, Mozilla and Apple sent newer versions into the race, but the results only changed in a few points. After all, Safari does a little better than Opera now.

But even these results are only snapshots. Reliable and meaningful results can only be achieved with the final approval of the HTML5 specifications.

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