Affiliate Marketing Makes Money

Make money with affiliate marketing

Earning money as an affiliate is not even necessarily tied to sales. A distinction is made between the following ways of earning money with an affiliate:

  • Pay per sale : Commission per sale
  • Pay per lead : Commission for every action triggered by your recommendation (price request, order, newsletter subscription, etc.)
  • Pay per click : Commission per click (but hardly relevant)

There are also other commission models, such as an annual payout for every customer you refer, or a share in income through subscriptions and the like.

Professional tracking is especially important so that you get the money you are entitled to. The merchant has to see that a customer came to his page through your website, through your YouTube video, through your tweet. Special links are used for this. As a rule, you can rely on the merchants to technically ensure that everything is correctly assigned and billed. The basis on your homepage or for your video description are personalized links. These allow an exact assignment. If you do not use exactly this link, the merchant will not know that the lead came from you and will not pay you any money.

If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing and don't really know how to start, you can, for example, approach first merchants via an affiliate marketing agency or a corresponding network. If you distinguish yourself in a particular area, you may also receive inquiries directly. The Amazon affiliate program (consists of links to corresponding products) is by far the best-known form of affiliate marketing.

Without range, the whole thing only works to a limited extent, of course. On the other hand, there are target groups and products that are so specific that the bulk is not important. It is important that the advertised product is relevant to the people you reach - as a freelancer in the textile industry, for example, it would be nonsense to advertise a gas grill.

How other people do affiliate marketing

Other people make money from affiliate marketing. We can take a look at how they do it, right? Two types of affiliates work particularly well: those with a wide reach and experts. A lot of range means a lot of spread. Part of the audience or visitors will be occupied with the advertised product. Here it is sometimes no longer important that the product is also tailor-made. Because it is possible that at least a small proportion of people will still buy in the end (low conversion rate). For example, energy drinks are advertised under YouTube videos or a sponsor is mentioned in praise. Instagram accounts with many followers usually make do with product placements or other ways to earn money here.

Experts make up the majority of the affiliates. Experts are those people who deal with certain things for a certain target group. For example, there are website operators and Youtubers who are primarily concerned with rhetoric and communication strategies. These then advertise books, online seminars and the like, for example. You can earn money in various ways with Youtube.

Formats that have proven themselves are:

  • Links with call to action on your homepage
  • Mentions in posts and videos
  • Unboxing videos
  • Links under videos

Freelancers and, above all, blog operators are also experts. Freelancers with blogs are particularly suitable for affiliate marketing. Because the blog content and the target group are specific. If the interests of the website visitors are known, affiliate marketing can be used very specifically.

Just pay attention to what the people you follow and who are also professionally interested are saying. Are certain products permanently available? Do you present specific products? Do you often work with certain service providers or companies and do you mention this? - That's all affiliate marketing. The transition to sponsored content is partly fluid.

Affiliate Marketing and Credibility

If your favorite Youtuber with a focus on ecology suddenly talks about an oh-so-great airline for two minutes, it can be irritating. So if you want to make money from affiliate marketing, you should understand that credibility is extremely important.

How discreetly can you advertise, how aggressively do you want to advertise in order to make more money with affiliate marketing? Good advertising on the Internet is characterized by the fact that it is organically incorporated into the blog or video. The audience should see them not as a disruptive addition, but as content.

Good affiliate marketing should therefore be subtle, suit you and your audience and not appear out of place. And if the product has little to do with your homepage or video, it should at least be explained. An invitation to buy fabric covers is likely to be ignored unless you casually mention why the fabric covers are worth it.

A Call To Action (CTA) is essential. This can take many different forms, but should always trigger an action on the part of the user or visitor. The CTA should arouse curiosity and encourage people to click. And here, too, the following applies: What you cannot represent yourself, you should not apply with a CTA and ideally not even mention it.