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IT jobs are booming, because the need for IT experts is still huge. In the media, the lack of IT specialists is already being referred to as an e-skill gap, which companies are trying to close with attractive job offers.

The field of IT includes the processing of information, especially digital data. Accordingly, high demands are made on the computer scientist: He must master programming languages ​​and solve mathematical as well as hardware-related problems. Between tasks of a theoretical nature (research) and commercial software development (industry) there is an exciting field of creativity and activity for the IT specialist. IT specialists and IT clerks, IT consultants and technicians can also find attractive jobs in the office and in the field.

The estimates for vacancies in IT amount to around 18,000 to 20,000 across Germany, which is not least reflected in IT job exchanges. We are mostly looking for IT specialists with in-depth knowledge of SAP, Oracle and .Net. Booming fields of work are app development, IT security, business IT, application development, web development, hardware development and IT sales, as well as social media and cloud computing. Jobs for IT specialists are increasingly being advertised in the medical technology, science and automotive industries. Whether you are a junior computer scientist or a senior computer scientist, whether you are a permanent employee or a freelancer: the professional field offers many possibilities and attracts with high salaries. However, flexibility and willingness to learn are a must, because no other industry is experiencing as many technical revolutions as IT.

IT jobs usually require the successful completion of a computer science degree - with the academic degree of diploma, master's or bachelor's degree. However, training at vocational academies, vocational colleges and vocational schools - for example to become a state-certified computer scientist - are a good prerequisite for applying for IT jobs.

Submitting a good application for job vacancies is the be-all and end-all: the application letter and the IT curriculum vitae are primarily used to show the future employer his own performance. It is important to avoid careless mistakes in the cover letter. The spelling should be checked before sending the application folder. In terms of content, the advertised job profile should be discussed in detail.

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