Is loyal to a lion

Tell me your zodiac sign - and I will know how loyal you are

Lions are confident and spirited. Virgos uncompromising and perfectionist. And Aquarians distant and rebellious. So who of the three zodiac signs is more likely to cheat?

Probably the Aquarius, after all, from birth he has a certain tendency to be alarmed and a pronounced need for distance. But enough of kitchen psychology. Many people regularly study their horoscopes. What it says there often amazes us, because there is often one or the other hit. Psychologists explain this with the so-called Forer effect: People tend to accept vague and general statements as accurate descriptions of themselves. What doesn't hit the nail on the head is interpreted in such a way that it ultimately fits.

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Who am I? Sign of the zodiac, ascendant and descendant

So there is something for everyone in the star interpretation - you certainly cannot rely on it. Astrologers, at least, are certain that the stars influence our lives. They claim that each zodiac sign brings certain positive and negative traits with it from birth. One scientific analysis hardly withstand these alleged character imprints. Still, serious astrology is no mysterious hocus-pocus. It creates connections between the positions and movements of planets and stars with our life. Ultimately, it's about providing an answer to the question what fate brings us.

Most people know your zodiac sign. All you have to do is know your date of birth - it is already clear what you "are". Our zodiac sign points to the core of our being, a kind of "real" self.

  • As Ascendant is the name given to the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. It describes the way in which we perceive the world, how we meet and affect others. It is determined via the place, date and time of birth.
  • The Descendant on the other hand, the opposite symbol reflects the image of the partner: on the ascendant we see our self-image, on the descendant we go in search of the complement. In general, the descendants are 180 degrees opposite the ascendants.

These zodiac signs are often unfamiliar

Beware of generalizations when it comes to astrology. However, there is research that shows that some zodiac signs are more likely to be unfaithful than others. For example, an affair portal took a close look at the zodiac signs of the registered portal users and found that some are conspicuously often represented.

Here are the top 3 cheating zodiac signs:


  • 1st place: fish
  • 2nd place: cancer
  • 3rd place: Aquarius

According to these statistics, the Sagittarius man does not hit the mark as often as his cheating colleagues - he is in 11th place, and thus in penultimate place. On the other hand, the Scorpio, who brings up the rear, tends to be loyal.


  • 1st place: Aries
  • 2nd place: twin
  • 3rd place: Virgo

Amazingly, the extroverted and passionate lioness only occupies 4th place. Here, too, the women born in the constellation of Scorpio form the bottom (12th place), in front of which is the balanced Libra.

Under the sign of sex: What zodiac signs reveal about loyalty

Aries woman meets Pisces man - and is the affair in the can already? Hardly likely. People don't cheat because they were born on a certain day or because the stars are particularly promiscuous at the moment. When someone in a committed relationship becomes unfaithful, many factors usually come together. Fate is not responsible, in the end it is every person who makes the decision to give in to his longing for an affair. However, there seem to be traits of character that make certain behavior more likely. Willingness to take risks, spontaneity, passion - signs of the zodiac that have these characteristics may be more willing to give in to temptation at some point.

Let's look at the stars - but be careful: all information is provided without guarantee!

Capricorns (December 22nd - January 20th) keep their feet on the ground

Disciplined, down to earth, controlled, ambitious - great. That almost sounds like a license to remain faithful. It can also be: if Capricorns have caught love fire, then they hold out, come what may. The Capricorn does not need to repel its horns, it is a constantly loyal soul. Also when it comes to friends, jobs and restaurant preferences.

Aquarius (01/21 - 02/19): unpredictably exciting

Don't swim too far, my little friend: Aquarius needs to feel free and unbound. But he also likes it for sure - although he is anything but a guarantee of loyalty. Imaginative as he is, he comes up with the craziest ideas, he is bursting with energy and is fascinated by passion. Faithfulness - that is one thing that Aquarius could handle very vaguely.

Pisces (February 20th-March 20th) - anything but cold

If the fish is caught, it will no longer drift off course as quickly. Because he hangs on his partner, sticks to his fins and makes himself dependent - what gives him up. This means that he can be extremely influenced. If an opportunity for infidelity swims, it could be that the fish clings to it - because sensitive as it is, it intuitively follows its feelings and its heart. That can easily wash him into someone else's bed.

With Aries (March 21st - April 20th) it's going to be exciting

He is passionate, spontaneous and wonderfully impulsive - but his direct manner can also be quite offensive. His temper makes life good for Aries, and when the opportunity presents itself, he sometimes just cannot resist. Before he knows it, he's sexually unfaithful. Aries is known for first acting and then thinking - so he sometimes stumbles into precarious love situations.

Sensual adventures in Taurus style (April 21st - May 20th)

If the bull is solo, he lives out his sensuality to the full. But actually he seeks security in all desires. That goes for his relationship too. He wants something solid, a partner who shares life and lust with him. Once he has found this partner, he will not give it back. This also means that he is loyal to him. If it has to be or should be, even forever.

The twin's two loyal faces (May 21 - June 21)

He would love to be faithful, if only there would not be so many temptations. Geminis always see things from two sides, which means that unfaithfulness is always part of loyalty. Theoretically, it cannot be ruled out that the longing for strangers will come at some point, whether it will be implemented in practice is questionable, because the twin is not primarily interested in physicality and sexuality. In addition, according to astronomy, it is difficult for him to decide - which makes infidelity less likely in the worst-case scenario.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd) likes it with a lot of feeling

Please do everything with feeling: Cancer is very, very emotional. If he gets to know and love someone, there is quickly no stopping them. Because despite its tendency to be moody, Cancer is possessive and persistent. But always very soulful. His emotionality sometimes drives him into fleeting affairs - which then have nothing to do with his deep, sincere feelings for the partner.

Roar sexy again, Leo (23.07. - 23.08.)

Even if he comes with bared teeth and a loud roar: deep down, the lion is a gentle being. He is loyal and committed as a friend or partner. He loves love, desires desire and the constant. He will not mindlessly jeopardize a relationship, even if he screams loudly from time to time. But since he is vain and likes to be swarmed around, dangerous encounters can occur - in which the majestic lion could let himself be carried away to passionate interludes.

Of virgins (08/24 - 09/23) and other devoted beings

She is disciplined, uncompromising and perfectionist. And that's how she wants her relationship too. Virgo is looking for a loyal partner, because after all she is. Anyone who does not meet their requirements is quickly out of the window. Then the Virgo can also be completely different. Speaking of which: the virgin also carries the shadow of her counter-sign, the Pisces. She can be seduced if she succeeds in awakening her strong but hidden sensuality.

Loyalty should be placed on the scales (24.09.-23.10.)

Flirting, flirting with charms, showing off attractiveness - for Libra this is daily bread. She is an esthete, cultivates the beautiful, lusts for harmony. The balance wants to stand firm, seeks exchange and partnership. The downside: She didn't find the ideal partner that quickly. And if their counterpart no longer keeps what he or she once promised, the Libra can also look around to see what others have to offer.

Impressive loyalty prospects with Scorpio (24.10.-22.11.)

Once he stabbed in a relationship, there is hardly any escape: The Scorpio is very fixated on his partner. He belongs to him, should be there, be attentive and above all remain loyal. After all, the affectionate Scorpio offers just that: pretty much the best monogamy. His dominance favors fits of jealousy, but his lack of experimentation usually keeps him from sliding into affairs.

Sexy little Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.)

He likes adventure best, at a young age the Sagittarius hardly lets anything go. Relationships come and go, each is a milestone on the way to oneself. As a mature age, this willingness to experiment can subside, but a certain tendency could remain - when the circumstances are favorable, Sagittarius comes on and fires. Because he enjoys the thrill of conquering and sometimes has more fun with his lust than with love. Once he's in a committed relationship, he has to struggle to maintain his level of enthusiasm.

Conclusion: being loyal is not a question of the zodiac sign

Who would like to say of themselves that their life is determined by the stars or even heavenly powers? Even if many people believe in horoscopes, very few of us fully rely on what is written in the stars.

And that's right. How happy, how fulfilling and how faithful a relationship is depends on the two people they enter into one another. Of course, there are partnerships that have a particularly good star. But mostly it has to do with how the characters interact, the personality traits and, above all, the environment.

People are and will remain unfathomable. Nobody can be 100% defined by the stars. At most, rough character traits can be described by zodiac signs. Ultimately, one must not forget that upbringing, the social environment and, last but not least, our genes shape us.

Trust yourself and your intuition, not the signs of the zodiac, pay attention to warnings, be attentive. And believe that you are not helplessly at the mercy of higher powers. Or to put it in the words of the partnership and fate researcher Hermann Meyer:

"There is no negative fate that is assigned to you, there are only inabilities and repressions"

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Who wrote this article?

Thomas Schmidt (39), editor-in-chief of, has been reporting openly and in a wide variety of ways on the topic of infidelity since 2008.