How did the NCAA start?

The last time the FBI had investigated the colleges. The money issue is a difficult one. For example, there are not only the well-known sports such as basketball and American football, but also scholarships for swimming, cross-country running, lacrosse, hockey, ice hockey, ... Not all of these sports are so popular that they are really interesting for TV. Some of it is then simply the gap filler for the major sports.

Since all scholarships have to be paid / funded, this is a kind of solidarity pot. On the other hand, they're still colleges. There is an age limit. And you also get a post-sports diploma. This part of life is usually longer and it is not for nothing that people advertise that "most student-athletes go pro in something other than sports". There are several thousand graduates every year, but only a few tens of jobs in the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, ... And of those who become professionals (also in Europe), many fail in the first 1-3 years.

If you were to pay a player, then he would not be because of the university but solely for the sport at the university. The big universities could buy the best players together (each university currently has a limited number of scholarships). A paid player could also have his contract expire without having graduated from university at the same time. Hence a difficult topic.

What is extremely good, however, and probably even better than in Europe (albeit at a later age), is the broad support. Some colleges have budgets over 1 billion. The training possibilities are almost unlimited. Perhaps you can compare that with youth academies or youth centers run by Bundesliga teams here. However, we only have 18 Bundesliga clubs and there are a few thousand universities in the USA ... There will very quickly be a lot of US players who are extremely well trained in technology. The question will then be more about understanding the game. Only a few of them will switch to the MSL via the draft system. The rest can be committed practically free of charge in Europe. We start with clubs in the youngest age. (from 5 or 6). It's different in basketball. You can really only really accelerate from 10-13. So I see greater advantages in basketball than in football.