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Take and edit photos with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Learn how to take and edit photos with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Open the camera app

The camera app can be opened in a number of ways.

Home screen

From the Home screen, tap the Camera app.

control center

Open Control Center, then tap the Camera button .

Lock screen

Swipe left to access the camera, or touch and hold the camera button.

Take a photo or video

Advanced technologies are built into your device to enable you to take high quality photos. Just choose a subject, open the camera app, and tap the shutter button.

Then unleash your creativity with camera features like Live Photos, portrait mode, camera filters and more. You can even take photos using time-lapse, slo-mo, pano, and more. Learn more about camera features on iPhone.

Flash: The LED flash on your device brightens up your photo, if necessary. Tap the lightning buttonto enable or disable it.

Live Photos: Capture the moment exactly as it happened - complete with movement and sound. Live Photos is enabled by default. Tap the Live Photos buttonto deactivate the function.

Self-timer: Place your device in a stable position, frame the picture, and then tap the self-timer button . Choose a countdown of 3 or 10 seconds, tap the shutter button, and stand in front of the camera.

Front camera: To take a selfie with the front camera, tap the front camera button, find the perfect angle, and tap the shutter button. On iPhone 6s and later, the home screen also doubles as a flash for your selfies.

Continuous photo: You want to take a picture, but your subject does not stand still? Try the burst function. Just hold down the shutter button. With the burst function, you can take several photos in quick succession, and you have the option of choosing the most beautiful from a series of photos. On iPhone 11 and later, swipe and hold the shutter button to take multiple photos. Then let go of it to end the burst.

On an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X and later, tap 1x to take photos from a greater distance with a higher-quality zoom. If you want more than a 2x zoom, or if you want to adjust the image precisely, press and hold "1x" or "2x". A slider will appear that you can use to select up to 10x zoom. On the iPhone 11 and newer, iPad Pro (12.9 ", 4th generation) and iPad Pro (11", 2nd generation) with an ultra-wide-angle camera, a 0.5-fold reduction is possible.

Edit a photo or video

After you've taken a photo or video, open it in the Photos app and tap "Edit". Then you can adjust the crop, angle, exposure, filters and more. Choose a setting like Brightness or Saturation, and drag the slider to change the strength and intensity. If you don't like the changes you've made, tap Cancel to return to the original image.

Adjust brightness and color

Improve i.a. Exposure, saturation, highlights, warmth and hue of your photos and videos. Then adjust the settings precisely using the slider.

Apply filter

Tap one of the photo filters to give your photo a different color effect, e.g. B. "Radiant" or "Dramatic". Or try out classic black and white effects like "mono" and "silver tones".

Crop and align

If you drag the corners of the frame, you can adjust the image section you want. Use the wheel to tilt or straighten your photo or video. You can also rotate or flip your photo or video and adjust the vertical and horizontal perspective.

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