Does it snow in Thailand

Thailand: In Bangkok there is tobogganing in the snow for a Thai curry

Thailand's temperatures are pretty paradoxical. It's always too hot outside. In cinemas, shopping centers and restaurants, on the other hand, a quilted down jacket would be appropriate. Because cold is considered a luxury in the tropical country. The fancier the bar, the boutique, the more aggressively the air conditioning runs.

The posh shopping mall Siam Paragon, for example, with its Armani-Gucci-Prada stores in the center of Bangkok therefore consumes just as much energy as a 250,000-inhabitant province in the comparatively poor north of the country.

A competing temple of consumption is now taking the capital's residents' obsession with the cold to extremes: In the hip Ekkamai district, a shopping center offers its customers snow. The “Snow Town” leisure facility fills an entire floor - and is developing into one of the strangest attractions in the Thai metropolis.

At the entrance to the Southeast Asian snow village, visitors have to swap their street shoes for rubber boots. If you want, you can also borrow warm socks, gloves and an anorak. It seems a bit like Bangkok's artificial winter requires preparation similar to that for a glacier mission.

The reality then turns out to be much more harmless, even if the visitors in the lobby are to be brought into a wintry mood with an artificial fireplace and kitschy glowing plastic Christmas trees. There is no real cold in the adjoining snow hall. The thermometer shows 16 degrees - almost 20 degrees less than outdoors, but no minus temperatures.

The snow comes out of a hose

The promised snow, which on a weekday afternoon visit made dozens of customers, especially families with small children, pay the equivalent of around six euros admission per person, comes from a thick hose that an employee always holds where there is a supply is needed. It looks reasonably real in the dim light, but feels like chopped ice cubes.