Should I learn JavaScript before bootstrapping

Bootstrap Tutorial: Getting Started with the Twitter Framework

Thanks to the HTML and CSS templates, you don't have to start from scratch when you have a good idea for a new website. As if from a construction kit, you take ready-made content and integrate it into your HTML document. This eliminates many of the otherwise very tedious ones CSS configurationswhich will save you a lot of work. The following items, among others, are covered:

  • Buttons
  • Navigation elements
  • Thumbnail overview
  • Drop down menus
  • Warning notices
  • Progress indicators
  • Responsive video embedding

Another important component is the bootstrap grid layout. This classification system makes it easier for you to precisely determine the spacing and positioning of the individual website elements by dividing layouts into 12 columns. When arranging the elements in the layout grid, you can differentiate between the most varied of screen sizes - regardless of whether it is a desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet or PC with a small screen. So with Bootstrap you are in favor of one Responsive web design well equipped.

With optional JavaScript plug-ins based on the JavaScript framework jQuery, you can also integrate useful user interface elements such as tool tips or dialog windows into your project or expand the functionality of existing control elements, for example with an auto-completion feature for input fields. To use Bootstrap with JavaScript elements, simply integrate the jQuery library into your HTML document.